Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jimmy Foley RIP

Sad news from Ballyduff Coursing Club ......

It is with a heavy heart that we report the death of our esteemed vice president Jimmy Foley. Jimmy passed away yesterday evening after a brief illness. For those of us who knew Jimmy it was a pleasure, a man who didn't have an idle bone in his body, a true gentlemen, who gave his time endlessly to his friends, family and neighbours. You see Jimmy was no ordinary man, he was a remarkable man. As a member of Ballyduff Coursing Club, Jimmy spent many hours of many days, year in year out at our coursing field preparing for our annual meeting, be it saving the sheaves of oats, thatching the escape, putting up wire, clearing the field etc after coursing, Jimmy was there, always there. Without question when there was work to be done - Jimmy would be there, putting men half his age and a quarter of his age to shame. He was always first at the field and last to leave. I know the other of members of the club would agree that Jimmy was our hardest working member bar none and no one has given more time to Ballyduff CC than Jimmy. He was always prepared with a shovel or a pike, or some twine or a scissor or a knife. He attended every club meeting, rearly speaking but when he did everyone listened and it was usually to tell a few home truths when others weren;t pulling their weight.
 Jimmy,. quite simply we will never see your likes again. Jimmy gave a lifetime to help to his friends, neighbours and family and he was a proud proud member of our club. Jimmy, we thought you'd live forever, we salute you, may the sod rest lighty on your gently soul.