Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Young Arctic hares playing after nursing

Wild Hares at Altcar

I came across this video on Youtube.............it was made before the UK Coursing ban.  Its interesting to see him write that there are very few Hares now...They are shot!......

Here is a comment from a local person

"Ive read the comments with interest as i actualy live localy, and i have to say before the ban was introduced the whole area was very protective of the hare. you could see them everywhere. the local farmers and gamekeepers would protect them as if they were there own animals.
yet today its very hard to spot a hare running around the fields near altcar. it seems rather than protecting them, the ban seems to have actualy reduced there numbers.
im not a hunter by the way, i just walk localy."

How sad............You have misguided Antis who try to ban Coursing and now they have they have succeeded in reducing the population to nearly Zero


Cathal Boylan MLA on the protection of Irish hares