Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This weekend I shall be at the   a owner as well as a pup Matt The Miller runs in the Dog Trial Stake.  On my way home from Glin on Sunday I popped into the field to see the Quinn family....all of them are great men with hares....I was there just in time to see the hares grazing the field , then put away and fed for the evening...

Its always a education to watch the care the Regional team put into their hare husbandry.  This is the same team who cares for the Irish Cup hares . Its good to see the slow quite way they go about there work..

It was a lovely evening and what a sight it is to see 80 hares out grazing the land.

The hares were in great condition

Just part of the team
Richie jr  James Garvey, Aoifa Quinn and Jimmy Quinn