Sunday, September 18, 2011


With only two weeks before the season starts many coursing people attended this years Hare seminar.  It followed the usual pattern of sharing hare husbandry tips.....both old and new and gave clubs a chance to share experiences..... There has been a big stride forward in hare husbandry over the years and the yearly seminar has certainly helped with this.

John Curtin demonstrates the best way to hold a hare

The tour of the Hare Parks at Powerstown is a great way to catch up with improvements as every year there is something new.  Ive noticed a big drive for more covered feeding stations and this year all fencing has been  covered.  This not only helps to keep the fields more sheltered but stops hares injuring themselves on the fencing.

All fencing in the park is now covered ....both internal paddocks and the perimeter fence.
This provides shelter  security and helps prevent injuries to hares on the fence wire

DJ Histon explains to members a new style feeder being used

The use of cover feed areas is to be recommeded.  This is a example of a cheap and easy shelter