Sunday, October 4, 2009


Matthews defied the odds today by getting Both of his runners to the the points are on there way to Newry

Desmond Cup
Wallace Green v Bexhill Brian

Bitch All Age

Dixie Darling  v  Abby Glen Judy

Dog TS

Gallys Bridge  v Shannonvale Matt

Bitch TS

Rosie Josie v Columbian Kate

Local Oaks

Floating Spirit (WD) v Fairy Dubh (winner)

Local Derby
Bexhill Noel v Monroe Peartree

Glin Semi Finals

All Age Bitch

Dixie Darling
Shannonvale Inn

Abbey Glen Judy
Kilbreedy Sonia

Oaks TS

Rosie Josie
White Ellen (WD injured)

Ballybrack Heidi
Columbian Kate

Derby TS

Gallys Bridge
Captain Dru

Shannonvale Matt
Faithlegg Matt

Glin Oaks (local)

Floating Spirit

Wont Happen Bot
Fairy Dubh

Glin Derby (local)

Bravo Oscar
Bexhill Noel

Monroe Peartree
Something Old

Its Back to Slips

The Desmond Cup has been thrown wide open when  Wallace Green / Atlantic Style.....and Bexhill Brian / Floating Rain were both sent back to slips....unsighted............The results remained the same.........but now both Matthews runners are on a handicap.

Whitestone Rock is now  even money Favourite
Wallace Green 5/4
King Eoin 2/1
Bexhill Brian 3/1

Semi Finals

Whitestone Rock
Wallace Green

Bexhill Brian
King Eoin