Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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Wednesday, May 12th

I might not have agreed with everything that John O’Donoghue TD has said over the years but I must compliment the Killarney politician on his robust defence of the greyhound industry at Tuesday’s Oireachtas Committee hearing.

No, I wasn’t present at the meeting and I am relying totally on the coverage in Wednesday morning’s Oireachtas Report programme on RTE 1 TV and on a rather brief report in the Irish Independent of the same day.

I felt that former Minister for Greyhounds, John O’Donoghue and fellow representatives Christy O’Sullivan and Mattie McGrath, among others, put the case well for the industry. I particularly liked O’Sullivan’s repeated question: “Who advised the Minister, who has been advising the Minister … The Minister has been wrongly advised”.

But it was John O’Donoghue who produced the punchline when he said: “The Irish greyhound industry is as old as time itself. The Greyhound Industry Act 1958 already governs the sector, it provided for governance of an industry. If some changes are needed then the Greyhound Industry Act can be amended, it is not necessary for separate regulation to be introduced”.

The programme ended with the smug Green Party Junior Minister Trevor Sargent assuring all that “the bill has nothing to do with animal sports. I hear these comments and I have to say I fend them very annoying”. He also stated that the proposed Bill had been discussed by the Working Party – which he said was made up of representatives of all sectors - and ended up by saying that Mr Gormley, the Green Party Leader who is introducing the Bill, has been “as fair as possible”.

It was in Wednesday’s Irish Independent (P.22) in Political Correspondent Michael Brennan’s report that I was first aware of the Dogs Trust Welfare Charity comment which was: “There is no justification for any exemption from reasonable, affordable regulation of breeding”.

The Charity spokesperson obviously reckons that there is justification for introducing another set of inspections, fees and new regulations in addition to the already crippling fees and regulations demanded by the Greyhound Industry Act 1958. And he obviously accepts that a fully regulated and compliant greyhound breeder with four bitches should be deemed a Dog Breeding Establishment when those bitches collectively produce more than six bitches! Who is he trying to fool?

The volume of opinion being expressed would suggest that the vast majority of Fianna Fail TDs support the Greyhound Industry stance and this begs the question as to whether the tail is wagging the dog in this particular instance. After all, Mr Gormley and his few Green colleagues are in the vast minority in Government and yet they appear to be running this particular show. Why, Why, Why? Can anybody in Fianna Fail give us the answer?

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