Tuesday, November 10, 2009


When we go coursing we may curse our bad luck , but if we take home a sound dog that should be enough as theres another day.  

the begining...........before the off at Freshford

Freshford Trial Stake
Sadly this is not to be for Wallace Green as a bad shoulder injury means we are robbed of seeing one of the Stars of the field running again.

So impressed was I,  by him at Freshford I went and bought a bitch pup from Carrick Sams next litter.

There are a few dogs that really give you a buzz watching and Wallace Green was right at the top of the list.  For me as a photographer he always gave me a great photo............such was the length and height of his stride..........a stunning dog to look at.

But mainly it was the amazing runs he could pull out of the hat ............a super fast dog

Most people will put this run at the top of there lists for the best buckle they have ever seen..............Two great dogs going head to head


a great dog