Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today we were blessed with a fine day........The coursing was good.....but please boys collect your dogs faster at the top of the told tommorow is going to be a soft day......:)


a determined Mr Music drives forward to take the turn
Fav to win the stake

1 : MINERS PRIDE Adios Alonso ex Knockomagh Pride
5 : AN DARA LEATH Adios Alonso ex Inch Heroism

11 : MISTER MUSIC Musical Time ex Belated Legacy
15 : PHOENIX BRUNO Bexhill Eoin ex Aristo Magic

19 : FLYNNTOWN FUZZ Adios Alonso ex Itellyouruby
23 : SMOKEY CENTRAL Central City ex Smokey Zero

25 : HOLA BIG MAN Adios Alonso ex Tupele
29 : SUDDEN REJECT Kyle James ex Eastwell Blonde


2 : MAGICAL WILLOW Murtys Gang ex Bless
8 : BLOOMING LARGE Trajectory ex Mid Term Lady

11 : ANNES MOVE Jingles ex Shanavulin Queen
16 : AMAZING ROCKET Bexhill Eoin ex Galway Rocket

17 : RED ORCHID Adios Alonso ex La Torre
23 : CABLE ELECTRIC Kilbeacanty Hill ex Cable Sal

26 : COOGA BELLE Wallace Green ex Cooga Moll
31 : SMOKEY MILLIE Central City ex Smokey Zero