Thursday, December 1, 2011


 Sorry everyone while this has nothing to do with Coursing , we are in the main all rural people.

Ive just stumbled across this and wasnt aware until could say they were "taking the piss!

Please click this link to see the new red tape and extra taxes we will pay just to use out toilets....SEPTIC TAX

Heres a speech made by Mattie McGrath TD.....Matties Speech

Financial implications

 Rural householders in particular will be affected by the Bill as the majority of urban dwellers are
already connected to the public sewerage network.

 The initial cost to householders to register will be €50.
 Inspection is free and the cost for de-sludging is approximately €200

 However, if remediation works are required the costs may run into thousands of euros.
 There is no provision for these costs in the Bill and the onus will be on the owner of the system to
carry out and pay for the works.

 It is likely that the Bill, when enacted, will have a knock-on effect in the management of sludge
due to the potential increase in de-sludging of WWTS. Under the Bill the Minister may make
regulations regarding the “standards and procedures to apply in relation to emptying a domestic
wastewater treatment system and the disposal of the wastewater and sludge derived therefrom”

 It is difficult to estimate the costs involved, particularly to householders, due to the lack of
information regarding rates of failure of existing on-site systems and the degree of remediation
work required. Wastewater treatment systems such as septic tanks are situated below ground
and are not readily accessible

Its possible this bill will cost households a Call or email to your local TD is needed.....or its just pay up yet again!