Sunday, May 30, 2010



The AGM of Tipp GOBA will take place at CASHEL on MONDAY....tommorow!! 8.00pm in Grants Bar , Main St
ALL are welcome ....Dog Breeding Bill will be on the agenda........come and get news first hand!!

Provincial Committee Meetings 2010

The dates and venues for the 2010 Provincial Committee Meetings have just been announced.

Wednesday, 2nd June at 2pm in the Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge
Thursday, 3rd June at 2pm in the Charleville Park Hotel, Charleville.

Outgoing members retiring and eligible for re – election are:-
Connacht – Brian Divilly
Ulster – Brian Walsh
Leinster – Liam Drennan and Phil Meaney
Munster – Noel Holland, Fran Mangan and one vacancy for the unexpired two year term for the late Murt Ryan (RIP

All are welcome to attend

Friday, May 28, 2010


 Id just like to draw your attention to the latest comment .....left for me at the bottom of the "Rise Rally last Saturday " usual its posted by those truth bending .......information twisting idiots
that go under the name of .....Animal Rights...Hunt Saboteurs.........well it really doesn't matter what you call them.............because if you are someone who sends them a Donation you will find they all share the same PO Box Address....

Afar, Alliance for animal rights....4734

Association of hunt saboteurs....4734

Coalition against the fur trade....4734

Dublin animal rights collective.....4734

Dog rescue Ireland...................4734

SHAC Ireland...........................4734

Anti Bothar campaign................4734
So the facts are...............if you donate to DOG RESCUE Ireland ........your money is going all the other groups  too............!!
Any way.....I digress
This is the latest comment left to me............and I take exception to.........because it is just plain lies.
"Big badger baiting "fieldsporting" event in Co Kilkenny last week (Thomastown)...lots of badgers, cubs as it happened...torn to bits by dogs...surprised you haven't got some pics of the fun for your fans"
Well to the person who sent me this letter...............I'm sorry Sir/Madam..............unlike You or Your friends I'm not into animal cruelty............or taking pictures of it............if I knew of a badger baiting day I or my friends from RISE would go straight to the Gardi to REPORT it.
While your friends my feel its perfectly OK to video dying animals for the cause,  and then post them on YouTube.  I'm afraid my first reaction is to help it .
I would like to stress............Badger baiting is a illegal activity...............the aim of it is beyond my understanding and has nothing to do with the legal field sports supported by Rise.
It would help your cause if you had just a little bit of Knowledge off the things you protest against.
It is clear from your websites you haven't a clue about any of these things..............on one site you have a picture of a Racehorse on your Anti Showjumping page.............and on the anti Dog Racing have a picture of a Spanish Galgo to show what happens in Irish Tracks!!
And the funniest thing of all is to say that Coursing is performed in as circular field against Hares that WE breed!!!...............Very well informed!............Its plain to see the extent of knowledge .......or that you just enjoy spreading miss information and Lies

The trouble with these people is they are too gutless to sign a name to the rubbish posts they send to me...............They claim to love animals.............and then by their actions by letting loose thousands of Mink into the Countryside have nearly wiped out many species...............and have caused many more to be endangered.    Mink alone kill more hares and Leverets in one year than Coursing does in 5 years..................Nice one "animal Lovers"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RISE RALLY last Saturday

They say the" Sun shines on the righteous" so we must be on the correct was a blazing hot day in Cashel .  Field Sport supporters turned out in good numbers despite the last minute call..........and the nearby Thurles Dog Sales keeping many greyhound folk away.

We gathered in the main street before making our way to the base of the Rock.....where minsters for the Government were holding a meeting.  Leading members of RISE were allowed to meet up with these TDs and put their case...........I understand one point they were not aware of was The Green Party are out to bring a downfall to Rural Sports by over regulation.....instead of simply banning it!   To us its clear...............we simply wont be able to afford to Carry on.............and its certainly clear to the Greens.......otherwise Mr Gormley would not be standing so firm on his unreasonable demands.

If only a small part of our side gets through to the right people these rallies will not have been a waste of time.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Not long now before our dogs are back in work.............I wonder if Summer will have arrived by then....

Last week I was mulling over the Cups after I made a Visit to see Adios Alonso........

Alonso is taking a summer break with one of his owners....Richie Maher..........and I must say he looks in great condition..........He heads the hugh list of top class animals that will be contesting the Cups this year

 Heres a few of no order

 High & Mighty

Brazing Serpent

Captain Dru

Carrowkeal Wally

Kyle Basil

Kerry Calling

Kerry Call

Drive on Guest
Mafi Magi

Mucky Eamonn

Lisloose Eoin

 Caesar Music

 Formcrior Wally

 Wilton Herald


Silent Turbo

City Deal

Stiff Test


thats just off the top of my head....roll on next season


RISE Rally in Cashel
There will be a R.I.S.E. Rally in Cashel, Co Tipperary this coming Saturday, May 22nd.
All Field Sports enthusiasts in Co Tipperary and adjoining counties are asked to assemble in the Main Street at 10.00am

And as a side note......Hiel Hitler !!!

Our beloved leader speaks again!!

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) says that it was not contacted ahead of the classification of almost 5,000 hectares of Clare land as a Special Protected Area (SPA). Environment Minister John Gormley announced that the Mid Clare coast, an area of 4,641 hectares, would be given the new classification. This would make it by some distance the largest single SPA classification made to date by the Green Party leader, or more than 25 per cent of the total classification in 2010. However, Clare IFA chairperson, Michael Lynch, said that no consultation took place with local farmers before the classification was announced

Rest in Peace

The late MICK COWAN, Borrisoleigh It is with regret that we report the death of Michael (Mick) Cowan, Borrisoleigh who passed away yesterday, Monday May 17th.
Mick was a great supporter of coursing and he and his family extended a warm welcome to all coursing enthusiasts who called to Stapletons Bar in Borrisoleigh. Indeed Stapletons Bar were proud to sponsor the Working Members Stake at the local Christmas fixture.
Mick was also a fine hurler winning All Ireland and Munster club senior hurling titles with Borrisoleigh in the 1986/87 season. He represented Tipperary at minor, u-21 and senior hurling and captained the Tipperary senior hurling team for the 1972 championship replay against Cork. He also represented Tipperary at minor, u-21 and junior football.
His remains are reposing at his home at Main Street, Borrisoleigh today Tuesday from 4pm and will arrive at the Sacred Heart Church Borrisoleigh tomorrow Wednesday for Requiem Mass at 11.30am followed by interment in St. Brigid’s Cemetery.
Our sympathy to his wife Breed, his daughters Gina, Margaret, Marie, Joanne and Sarah, sons Aidan, Ciaran and Niall, his mother Johanna, his grandchildren, his brothers and sister and all his family and friends on their sad bereavement.
Go ndeana Dia trocaire ar a anam uasal

Monday, May 17, 2010


A RISE! Campaign Information Night will be held in The Courtyard, Ferns, County Wexford at 8.30 pm, Thursday, 20th May 2010. This is the latest in a series of more than ten Information Nights that have been held in various counties in recent weeks
Do try to get to one of these meetings..........They are full of info on defending our way of life..........and very well attended by local TDs and Councillors..........let them know how strongly we feel about keeping our lifesyles and heritage


I constantly get a stream of messages left for me on this Blog..........they leave no way for me to answer them......often they are nasty.......although there is one person who seems more of a gentleman .....on the whole they have air of threat and venom about them............well reading this article in the Post it sums up my answer to them in a far more polite way than I would put it!!

Thankfully our fightback is starting to work..........even if some of the more imminent Bills gt through im sure that wont be the end of it and we will win in the End.........WE are now starting to get ANGRY..........keep it up everyone it is starting to work!

Our Rural TDs have started to realise they are risking our livelihoods with these ill conceived Bills.....We will not stand back and let them do it........This is STILL a free country wrote
Red light for Greens’ move against stag hunt
28 March 2010 BY TOM McGURK
I suspect that some Green Party members, at their conference in Waterford this weekend, have been enjoying a growing sense of satisfaction.
They now have two senior ministers and two juniors in government and, very soon, environment minister John Gormley will attempt to ban Meath’s Ward Union hunt. But I have a feeling that new Green junior minister Mary White - seeing the protest outside the conference by Rural Ireland Says Enough (Rise) - will be fixated by what she’s reading in her tea leaves. She is, of course, the Greens’ only rural TD but, given the equestrian and hunting background of her constituency in Carlow/ Kilkenny, her parliamentary future now looks grim.
A few months ago, a crowd of thousands - led by local Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness - turned up at Gowran Park in Kilkenny at a rally to protect traditional rural sports. They were unimaginably angry and - in a new sight for Irish politics - the wrath of the ‘pony-mums’ was on display.
White knows very well what I mean. The hunting ban and other animal legislation represented the Green leadership’s deal with the party’s lunatic fringe to get them to support Lisbon - and the Ward Union hunt is about to pay the price.
Watching the Greens and others attack the Ward Union hunt on television last week for its alleged cruelty, I was struck by their extraordinary arrogance and moral self-righteousness.
Our own homegrown, suburban Taliban were telling decent rural people - whose DNA has a thousand generations of animal husbandry - that they knew better. There was even one who wanted the hunt banned because ‘‘some of the big property developers are members’’.
Has class politics arrived in Ireland at last? I didn’t know the Greens had a North Korean branch, but are we now to assume that places like the Royal Irish Yacht Club, the Kildare Street Club and the K Club had better watch out?
What is fascinating about the Greens’ position on hunting - and on rural sports in general - is how they have managed to turn the particular into the universal, and then pretend it’s a moral imperative.
To argue about animal cruelty in field sports, and to ignore utterly the overall and compelling context of our free market economy’s wider relationship with the complete spectrum of animal husbandry, is the work of an ideologue, not an idealist. Here is as compelling a brew of muesli and moral relativism as you will find. You’ll look hard to find Francis of Assisi on a bicycle around here.
Perhaps it’s time to have a grownup look at their argument. For a start, all animal husbandry since the beginning of the domestication of animals has involved varying degrees of intrinsic cruelty. Is it not cruel in the first place to capture animals from the wild, imprison and then enslave them - to bend them totally to our purposes? In fact, at the outset we divided the entire animal kingdom in two - those we regarded as useful to us, and the rest which were not useful and which we regarded as pests.
Countless millions of animals and birds have been kept in a state of intrinsic cruelty to supply our food needs. Regarding a few farmers and their hounds chasing a fox or a stag across the countryside as somehow the epitome of cruelty, while ignoring the wider context of how we treat animals, is simply being disingenuous.
Is fox-hunting somehow intrinsically and morally more cruel than a veal calf doomed all its life to live in a cage, or a hen among thousands in the darkened prison of a broiler house, spending its entire life in a space four times its body size? Is it worse than the store bullock (dehorned and post-castration) locked up on slated floors, being deliberately over-fed and doomed never to see daylight?
Every day, millions of animals and birds have their throats cut, their necks broken, are electrocuted to death or drowned. Every day, thousands are hung up on chains by halal butchers, have their throats cut and are allowed to bleed to death. (Come to think of it, when will we see the anti-hunting brigade picketing halal butchers?)
And since fox are only vermin, can we compare hunting them with how we deal with the rest of our vermin? What about the rat we legally poison who will swell for 48 hours and then die an agonising death; the mice smashed to death in traps; or the crows and other birds we legally shoot to ‘‘curb vermin’’, as the Department of Agriculture puts it? Would the Greens prefer we poisoned the foxes or shot them, running the real risk of wounded foxes dying slow, agonising deaths?
Incidentally, on the same television programme, some of the Greens were extolling the virtues of the new hunting legislation in England - a country where, one has to say, moral relativism has finally disappeared up its own hypocritical fundament. How else to explain a society which happily bans foxhunting and legalises abortion up to and including 24 weeks?
The current Green anti-rural campaign is, of course, political suicide. The right of the native Irish to enjoy the ownership and pleasure of the land their ancestors died in the ditches to regain is not something that will be lightly surrendered. The Greens are stirring up feelings that are so deep in the Irish cultural and emotional memory that they may be about to inflict generational damage on Fianna Fáil. Rural Fianna Fáil TDs (much more than the suburban deputies) are discovering how the Greens are threatening their traditional support base.
Already, Meath Fianna Fáil TDs Mary Wallace, Johnny Brady, Thomas Byrne and even minister Noel Dempsey are facing an enormous dilemma over the Ward Union hunt. I suspect that, before this is all over, there will be more than stags jumping the ditches down Navan way. Fianna Fáil’s electoral survival in Meath will be difficult enough - and the Ward Union issue could be the tipping point.
As I understand it, there is a already a group of 14 to18 Fianna Fáil rural TD’s who are actively considering taking a stand on Gormley’s move to ban the hunt. In a country where a government once fell over Vat on children’s shoes, surely the red lights are already flashing? Tally ho!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Are we at last starting to see some sense in our Goverment..........Keep lobbying your MPs because it looks like its starting to work!!

   Last week the GOBA along ICC and IGB spoke in the Oireachtas
and were well received.....Well done Boys

..From Irish Times Website.....
SOME FIANNA Fáil TDs may not be prepared to vote for legislation to implement key Green Party measures in the Programme for Government, a backbencher has warned.
Carlow-Kilkenny TD Bobby Aylward said his support could not be relied on when it comes to votes in the Dáil on issues such as animal welfare, the Planning Bill or a ban on corporate donations.
“If it means there is going to be a break-up of the Coalition so be it. At this stage I am not going to be coerced into voting for another party’s agenda,” said Mr Aylward.
He said that, as a representative of a rural area, he would be looking carefully at issues such as the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill and the proposed ban on stag hunting to see how they affected his constituents.
“I also have issues with the Planning Bill. It’s as if to say all of us involved in local government are gangsters. I served on a council for 15 years and I never felt I did anything wrong,” said Mr Aylward.
“The tail is not going to wag the dog and Mr Gormley can think again if he expects us to accept some of the things he is proposing,” said the TD.
Mr Gormley concluded his keynote address to his party’s annual convention in Waterford on Saturday night by making a reference to the thousands of rural dwellers who had protested outside the conference centre earlier in the day against the proposed ban on stag hunting and other animal rights measures.
“The protests outside today confirm only one thing: that we are making a difference in Government. And those on horseback and on the soap boxes should know this: your actions serve only to make us more determined than ever to make the changes that are needed,” he said.
The Minister for the Environment also defended the Planning Bill and limitations it will put on the power of local authorities.
Another Kilkenny TD, John McGuinness, said yesterday he would challenge the leadership of Taoiseach Brian Cowen directly at the weekly meeting of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party tomorrow night.
“A new style of politics is needed. We need an energetic, dynamic party leader who will communicate effectively with the public and restore their confidence in the whole process of politics and the policies we are pursuing,” he said.
The party meeting is scheduled for 5.30pm but this is likely to clash with the major announcement on a rescue plan for the banks by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan at 6pm..

And theres more.....

Rumblings on the backbenches
16 May 2010 By Niamh ConnollyFianna Fáil TDs in the Lemass Forum have invited the pressure group Rise (Rural Ireland Says Enough) to Leinster House this week in a move that will heighten tensions with the Green Party over its bill to regulate the dog breeding industry.
The Lemass Forum, founded to provide an alternative policy discussion group for government backbenchers, will offer a platform to the most strident opponents of the Greens’ animal welfare bills on Wednesday.
Government chief whip John Curran is attempting to mediate between the backbenchers and Minister for the Environment John Gormley, in an escalating row over the Dog Breeding Establishment Bill before it goes to second-stage debate in the Dáil.
‘‘We’re now at a stalemate and John Curran is effectively stalling this bill because he knows the level of opposition there is to it," said Fianna Fáil sources.
Government sources said most Fianna Fáil TDs had raised genuine issues over aspects of the bill, but recognised a need to enhance animal welfare protections.
But some backbenchers may be trying to scupper the Greens’ policy and give Cowen a bloody nose on a bill that they know would not bring down the government.
A record 41 deputies and senators crowded into an Oireachtas committee on the environment last week to hear dog breeding and animal welfare groups discuss the bill.
All parties agreed that the attendance was far in excess of the turnout to discuss the banking crisis or the National Asset Management Agency (Nama). The meeting was stormy, with several Fianna Fáil TDs rounding on Green Party chief whip Trevor Sargent over the bill’s provisions.
The intervention of former ceann comhairle John O’Donoghue to support ‘‘rural dwellers’’ was seen by all sides as significant. While the Seanad has debated the bill, there is suspicion that its appearance in the Dáil will be delayed by the government until the summer recess, when a guillotine may be imposed.
Prominent figures in the Lemass Forum, including John McGuinness, Máire Hoctor, Niall Collins and Mattie McGrath, have publicly voiced their opposition. Deputy chief whip John Cregan in Limerick West, Bobby Aylward in Carlow Kilkenny and Johnny Brady in Meath have also voiced concerns.

and more....

Greens seeks compromise on puppy bill16 May 2010

By Niamh Connolly Political Correspondent

The Green Party is to propose a concession on laws governing the greyhound industry that might appease rural TDs.

Amendments to the Greyhound Industry Act 1958 are to be suggested as an alternative to bringing this sector under the provisions of a controversial government bill to regulate puppy farming.

This weekend, Green Party chief whip Trevor Sargent struck a conciliatory note after a stormy meeting of an Oireachtas committee heard Fianna Fáil TDs stridently oppose the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill.

Sargent said he would suggest amendments to the 1958 act to Minister for the Environment John Gormley, who is in charge of the bill but was in the US on business last week.

The concession will go some way to meeting a demand by rural TDs to amend existing legislation, rather than have two pieces of legislation governing the greyhound industry. Sargent said such a change would not entail any watering down of the government’s plans to boost protection and inspections.

Those proposals aimed to address animal welfare abuses that had ‘‘shown Ireland in such a poor light’’.

‘‘I don’t think it’s going to be difficult, because the legislation that governs the 1958 act is in place," Sargent said.

‘ ‘Whether it involve s amending the act in conjunction with the new legislation on puppy farming, this could be all discussed.

‘‘The practicalities of how quickly that could be done would have to be taken into consideration. I don’t see any point in being prescriptive about it all being in one piece of legislation."

However, the concession may not be enough to quell an escalating row between the coalition parties.

The Lemass Group, an alternative forum set up by Fianna Fáil backbenchers to discuss policy outside the parliamentary party meeting, has invited the pressure group Rural Ireland Says Enough (Rise) to Leinster House on Wednesday to outline its objections to the bill.

Government chief whip John Curran is mediating in the row over a list of amendments put forward by TDs.

Fianna Fáil insiders believe that the bill’s progress through the Dáil for second stage debate is being delayed to avoid dissent. Some backbenchers have signalled that they would vote against the bill in the knowledge that only a finance bill would bring down the government.


 A foster brood is required......Please ring Billy on  0863380589

Saturday, May 15, 2010


 Congratulations to the Keily Family........tonight they landed a big one with their super dog Shaneboy Lee.

Taken from the IGB site....Talking Dogs

Saturday, May 15th
So often the bridegroom, Shaneboy Lee became the groom in sensational fashion at Shelbourne on Saturday night when he hit top form at just the right time in winning the Hegarty Bookmakers Open 600 final. he hit top form at just the right time in winning the Hegarty Bookmakers Open 600 final.
Both Shaneboy Lee and Eden Brett flashed from traps and they raced together to the bend ahead of Tyrur Brennan and the favourite Thurlesbeg Joker.
Around the bend Shaneboy Lee (Brett Lee/ Shaneboy Ruth) began to assert and he led down the far side with Tyrur Brennan and Westmead Bolt now beginning to make their presence felt.
Tyrur Brennan was almost upsides turning for home but Shaneboy Lee kept pulling out that bit extra and he powered up the straight to cross the line with two lengths in hand of Tyrur Brennan in 32.53. It was then a head to Westmead Bolt in third and a length to the fourth placed Thurlesbeg Joker.
It was a great success for the Kiely family from Kilmallock as their champion finally gained a much deserved major success after reaching a succession of finals last year, including the Derby final

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This was taken from Talking Dogs.....IGB Site


Wednesday, May 12th

I might not have agreed with everything that John O’Donoghue TD has said over the years but I must compliment the Killarney politician on his robust defence of the greyhound industry at Tuesday’s Oireachtas Committee hearing.

No, I wasn’t present at the meeting and I am relying totally on the coverage in Wednesday morning’s Oireachtas Report programme on RTE 1 TV and on a rather brief report in the Irish Independent of the same day.

I felt that former Minister for Greyhounds, John O’Donoghue and fellow representatives Christy O’Sullivan and Mattie McGrath, among others, put the case well for the industry. I particularly liked O’Sullivan’s repeated question: “Who advised the Minister, who has been advising the Minister … The Minister has been wrongly advised”.

But it was John O’Donoghue who produced the punchline when he said: “The Irish greyhound industry is as old as time itself. The Greyhound Industry Act 1958 already governs the sector, it provided for governance of an industry. If some changes are needed then the Greyhound Industry Act can be amended, it is not necessary for separate regulation to be introduced”.

The programme ended with the smug Green Party Junior Minister Trevor Sargent assuring all that “the bill has nothing to do with animal sports. I hear these comments and I have to say I fend them very annoying”. He also stated that the proposed Bill had been discussed by the Working Party – which he said was made up of representatives of all sectors - and ended up by saying that Mr Gormley, the Green Party Leader who is introducing the Bill, has been “as fair as possible”.

It was in Wednesday’s Irish Independent (P.22) in Political Correspondent Michael Brennan’s report that I was first aware of the Dogs Trust Welfare Charity comment which was: “There is no justification for any exemption from reasonable, affordable regulation of breeding”.

The Charity spokesperson obviously reckons that there is justification for introducing another set of inspections, fees and new regulations in addition to the already crippling fees and regulations demanded by the Greyhound Industry Act 1958. And he obviously accepts that a fully regulated and compliant greyhound breeder with four bitches should be deemed a Dog Breeding Establishment when those bitches collectively produce more than six bitches! Who is he trying to fool?

The volume of opinion being expressed would suggest that the vast majority of Fianna Fail TDs support the Greyhound Industry stance and this begs the question as to whether the tail is wagging the dog in this particular instance. After all, Mr Gormley and his few Green colleagues are in the vast minority in Government and yet they appear to be running this particular show. Why, Why, Why? Can anybody in Fianna Fail give us the answer?

micheal fortune talking dogs .......

Monday, May 10, 2010


Last night saw a gathering of Glin Coursing Club the Rale McCoy public house.
the occasion was to congratulate the achievements of Club Members this year. There were two presntations, the first to connections of Glin View Bitle.....she won a 64 bitch trail Stake at Balltduff and went to the Semifinals of the Oaks .....going out to eventual winner Lisloose Accord

Pat & Josephine O`Connor, Ann& Maurice Wallace are presented with a beautiful cut class bowl by Paddy John Fitzgerald

The second presentation was to mark the achievements of the Wonderful Bexhill Brian........Dog of the year!!
Need I say more
Glin Club is in the heart of great dog country and many fine dogmen are posted on the walls of the Real McCoy......going back to the 1950s.....and some we know today are there in pictures as young boys.
You carnt help but be impressed by the History of this fine club
It was good to hear stories of when the Club held its meeting in the Castle grounds.....attended by the whole villiage ....with fair in attendance too.
I was amazed to see our much traveled President in attendance........even more impressed when I heard he was flying to Germany from Dublin first thing in the morning.

Brian Divilly presents the bowl to the owners of Bexhill Brian, Conor and Mairead Sheenan and John Barrett

Brian congratulating the Club on its fine year

Paddy John thanks the president

         Thomas Coolahan enjoys his birthday cake                                                                                                                                                                                 Once the trophys were presented and the food was eaten it was time to get down to some singing.
Glin is blessed with some fines soloists

Antony Collins  and Thomas Coolahan treating us to a song

Many thinks to Glin Club and its mambers for a lovely evening

Friday, May 7, 2010


R.I.S.E will hold a briefing meeting at the Horse and Jockey Hotel, Thurles, Co Tipperary next Monday, 10th May.
The meeting will commence at 8pm.
They would appreciate a good turn out from coursing clubs, especially coursing clubs in Tipperary and neighbouring counties.

Track people are welcome......this effects you all.......The Dog Breeders Bill has not gone away!!

Next Season

 Ok not much ill bore you all again with pictures of my own Saplings for next

These are from our brood.....Brats Delights first Droopys Saunders

so like everyone else our hopes are the odds are against us

We also have a Janey Mac Aroo out of Ardnalee Orla..........and of course the wonderful Bless for cups next year

Sunday, May 2, 2010


 The final for last nights Coursing Bred unraced was won by Catunda Ashmore.   He did it the hard way, from behind in a sprint.......and pushing through on the rails at the first bend.   A  route that has been the downfall of many.  However after four rounds hes is running the track a dream and chasing like he was two years old!

Born April 06 .....what a swansong for connections of this super dog

On the field he has been a model of consistency

As a pup he  was a semi finalist....ran up and then won a TS at Galbally....he then went to the Semi Finals of the Derby.....going out to Sandy Sea

The next year in Cups he was a semi finalist.., won at Newcastlewest and again at Galbally ......before winning the Champion Stake

After the Champion Stakes
Ciaran McKenna
In his third season  he won yet again at Galbally making the place his own...........and now turning to the track hes shown what a superstar he is.....coming from behind to take the final in 17.93.....Class!

Home Alone

After the Win
New trainer Aliyah McKenna with Kevin

Kevin washing down

Freya, Aliyah and Ciaran ....pleased as punch

Below are scenes from the evening...........sorry the page is playing up and wont let me space pictures

The consolation Unraced final was won by the Divilly Family with Crafty Frazello

As seen above and below in these picture.....Frazello is in trap one

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Brats Pups

 More pictures of th Brats Delight Devils..........started to get some practice in for the future,  this week.

at this age they get a spell out in the garden in my company everyday......they are the naughtest litter ive had ...........totally independant and looking to cause trouble at every turn

winding up the saplings

this is how the big boys gallop!

get the photographer!!

lets go this way

who left this here?

Holiday Weekend

 Have a great Weekend everyone

Mine started good when Geoff won with my bitch  Tarsna Sal,  last night in Kilkenny.......sorry its not Coursing but this is my

Its great to win a Stake becuse it helps to feed the dogs.........shes five races won and has been second in a stake before............a right taking the photo!

round the first bend

Theres plenty to do this weekend.......tonight for those in the south we have the


Looking forward to this.....its a Quality lineup and Thurles present these finals well!  Itss a hard race but would love to see the old boy , Catunda Ashmore do well.........Hes been a diamond to own over the years and has found his feet on the track.  Theres some great Coursing form in this stake which is good to see

Date Wt. Dist. Race Gd Tp STm SPi Fin By Remarks Win Tm. Going SP Trk. Sts 1st 2d 3d EstTm Grd

Trap 1 Mr. Joseph Riordan / Mrs. Ann Taylor Tr: 3 0 3 0 I A3
TOOME BAN  [18.19-THR]  bd.b.(Boavista / Across To Macks).Jul-08   

24-Apr-1067 330R N0 T4 ..... 22 2 2.5L QAw,Outp 18.04 Sand 3/1 THR Catunda Ashmore 6D 18.21 S3
17-Apr-1067 330R N0 T3 ..... 22 2 0.5L QAw,EvCh 18.16 Sand 9/4 THR Catunda Ashmore 6D 18.19 S3
10-Apr-1068 330R N0 T4 ..... 33 2 3L DH,RnOn 18.18 Sand 2/1 THR Goodbyethestar 6D 18.39 S5
16-Mar-1068 330T  T6 ..... - 1 1L  18.56 Sand  THR Mary Kates Coin 2D 18.56* S7N
Trap 2 Mr. Patrick Byrne Tr: Owen McKenna 3 2 0 1 I A3
CATUNDA ASHMORE  [18.04-THR]  bk.d.(Ashmore View / Catunda Hyland).Apr-06   

24-Apr-1080 330R N0 T3 ..... 11 1 2.5L FAw,ALd 18.04 Sand 3/1 THR Toome Ban 6D 18.04* S1
17-Apr-1081 330R N0 T6 ..... 11 1 0.5L FAw,FinWl 18.16 Sand 3/1 THR Toome Ban 6D 18.16* S3
09-Apr-1084 330R N0 T6 ..... 43 3 2.0L SlAw,RnOn 18.22 Sand 6/4 THR Moorstown Joe 6D 18.36 S5
16-Apr-0980 350T  T5 ..... - 1 3L  19.32 Sand  SPK Catunda Franco 3D 19.32* N0
Trap 3 Mr. Kevin Gleeson Tr: 3 1 0 2 I A3
LIXNAW TEEBONE  [18.11-THR]  f.d.(Lixnaw Butcher / Drimeen Delight).Apr-08   

24-Apr-1081 330R N0 T1 ..... 33 3 4.5L SlAw,FinWl 18.04 Sand 3/1 THR Catunda Ashmore 6D 18.35 S4
17-Apr-1081 330R N0 T2 ..... 33 3 5.0L EvAw,RnOn 18.29 Sand 1/1 THR Hes The Theory 6D 18.64 S7
09-Apr-1081 330R N0 T4 ..... 11 1 7L EP,ALd 18.11 Sand 5/2 THR Mellor Moor 6D 18.11* S2
16-Mar-1083 330T  T3 ..... - 2 hd  18.88 Sand  THR Stoney Hill 2D 18.89 S9N
Trap 4 Ms. Nuala Delaney Tr: 3 0 1 2 I A4
CRANA RUA  [18.34-THR]  bk.d.(Eoin Rua / Quarrymount Erin).May-08   

24-Apr-1068 330R N0 T6 ..... 33 3 2.5L QAw,Outp 18.17 Sand 5/1 THR Hes The Theory 6D 18.34 S4
17-Apr-1068 330R N0 T4 ..... 33 3 8.5L FAw,Crd 1 18.16 Sand 3/1 THR Catunda Ashmore 6D 18.75 S8
10-Apr-1068 330R N0 T3 ..... 22 2 3L DH,FAw 18.18 Sand 3/1 THR Goodbyethestar 6D 18.39 S5
30-Mar-1069 330T  T3 ..... - 2 2L  18.70 Sand  THR Fairy Tail 2D 18.84 S8N
Trap 5 Mr. Eric McGrath Tr: 3 2 1 0 I A3
HES THE THEORY  [18.17-THR]  wbk.d.(Cushie Theory / Cushie Maz).Jun-08   

24-Apr-1071 330R N0 T3 ..... 21 1 1.5L EvAw,FinWl 18.17 Sand 2/1 THR Munster Air 6D 18.17* S3
17-Apr-1070 330R N0 T1 ..... 11 1 4.5L QAw,ALd 18.29 Sand 5/2 THR Crafty Frazello 6D 18.29* S4
09-Apr-1071 330R N0 T3 ..... 32 2 1.5L QAw,RnOn 18.22 Sand 5/2 THR Moorstown Joe 6D 18.32 S4
01-Apr-1072 350T  T2 ..... - 1 2L  19.46 Sand  ECY Cushie Loot 3D 19.46* S5N
Trap 6 Mr. Michael O'Connell Tr: 3 0 1 2 I A4
MUNSTER AIR  [18.27-THR]  bebd.b.(Matt Hyland / Lydiate Air).Jan-08   

24-Apr-1072 330R N0 T4 ..... 12 2 1.5L FAw,EvCh 18.17 Sand 3/1 THR Hes The Theory 6D 18.27 S4
17-Apr-1073 330R N0 T4 ..... 22 3 4L/nk FAw,Outp 18.34 Sand 3/1 THR Cloverhill Chief 6D 18.64 S7
09-Apr-1073 330R N0 T4 ..... 22 3 1.5L/nk W 2,EvCh 18.48 Sand 3/1 THR Mixed Blend 6D 18.60 S7
23-Mar-1073 330T  T4 ..... - 2 7L  18.45 Sand  THR Red Ink 2D 18.94 S9N

For those  living in the North ..............pop along to Dundalk to catch the start of the


over 400 yds

Heat 1
                                                              Breeding                                Owners
Trap 1    CUSHIE STREAM       Cushie Theory / Shelbourne Cream        Mr. Thomas Codds
Trap 2    CARRIVEBROOK BOY   Murtys Blaze / Itellyoumikey                Masters Matthews/Keenans
Trap 3    DUNSILLY BLAZE       Murtys Blaze / Dunsilly Return              Mr. Darragh McCallins
Trap 4    ICANTWIN               Multibet  / Ballyrussell Joe                   Tony & Hugh  Heaneys
Trap 5    ABBY JACK               Cushie Theory / Cushie Lark                 Mr. Joe Keane
Trap 6    ARDMAYLE MERC       Multibet  / Ardmayle Saiorse                Mr Bernard McBride

Heat 2

Trap 1    LONG HAUL              Ashmore View / Long Stream         Mr Brian Doyles 
Trap 2    CENTRAL ACCORD     Bexhill Eoin / Chubbys Accord         Mr. Brendan Duffys       
Trap 3    SLOWDOWN MELODY Distant Fields / Madame Rollin       Mr Gerard Maguires
Trap 4    CUSHIE PIPER           Cushie Theory / Cushie Maz          Mrs. Ruth Codds
Trap 5    NEWGRANGE SPIRIT   Janey Mac Aroo / Eoin Bui            Tiernan/Loftuss
Trap 6    HIGH BANK               Matt Hyland / Moygannon Hill        Mr. Gary O'Hagans

Trap 1    CUSHIE LOOT           Cushie Theory / Cushie Maz          Mrs. Ruth Codds
Trap 2    ANNABELS NEMO       Bexhill Eoin / Longview Ciara         Mr. Michael McEnerys 
Trap 3    DUNSILLY BUSTER     Murtys Blaze / Dunsilly Return       Mr John McCallins
Trap 4    SO RANDOM             Bexhill Eoin / Hollyhill Blonde          Mr. Seamus McGarrys
Trap 5    CUSHIE HUGO           Cushie Theory / Cushie Lark         Mr. Thomas Codds
Trap 6    KNOCKMOYLE KING    Distant Fields / Madame Rollin       Mr Gerard Maguires

Heat 3

Trap 1    ARDNARI DEE            Bexhill Eoin / Freffans Dee Dee      Donnelly/Marshalls
Trap 2    DISTANT CARMEL      Distant Fields / Marshals Suzie      Distant-Kennels-Syndicates
Trap 3    CUSHIE CHIEF          Cushie Theory / Cushie Maz          Mrs. Ruth Codds
Trap 4    YES BO                   Boavista  / Reekie Daisy)              Mr John McCallins
Trap 5    LORD THEO              Murtys Blaze / Itellyoumikey)        Matthews/Keenans
Trap 6    HARD TO SELL          Castle Pines / Foroldtimesake        Treanor/Cullens

looks like its got the makings of a great final

Then of course Sunday sees us all pop down to Clonmel for the REDMILLS PRODUCE FINAL
nothing to do with coursing but I love this competion .......seeing the county flags fying sends a chill up my spine.........always a good night


not long before we get our dogs back in work.........wonder if well get some Sun first!