Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kilfynn Trial Stakes

Oaks Trial Stake

I must admit to be very impressed with the winner..........not very big by coursing standards she showed great heart. Looks like its a smart litter from Bexhill Eoin,  as her sister ran well to oand will be one to watch out for. 

Delotti is out of Dancing Dilemma a sister to Uptown Smurf

Well done to connection of  Delotti

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Bridewell Fawn ....trained by Lester Power took the Res TS..........putting in good performances all day.
Another nice pup by Matt Hyland.....he sired 3 TS winners this weekend! Hes out of Tequilla Lady.........whos from the ever reliable Safty Leader line.

Bridewell Fawn and Oilean Fantasy in the Final


Keira Horgan, Megan Horgan , Kevin Gleeson and Antonia Gleeson with Brideswell Fawn

Kilfynn Cups

A good days coursing at Kilfynn, finnshed the weekend.........The Cups were first class.......sadly Uptown Dilemma was withdrawn from the semi finals while going well......nether the less we were treated to some good Buckles.

Kingsmill Bliss excelled herself all day and the result was never in doubt......"little miss foot perfect!"

Kingsmill Bliss (Judicial Best x Eoin Bui)takes her first Cup of the season.....seen here with John Roche

It was a quality Cup and we`ll be seening  more of the runners up........Spur Majestic

        Spur Majestic (Mounteden Guest x Vacume Runaway)  in full flight

 and Uptown Dillemma........(Bexhill Eoin x Uptown Smurf)

Withdrawn from the semis......looked impressive  up till then

Wallace Flyer took the Fuller Memorial in good style..............another good winner for brood of the year Carrick Sam.............this lady is a class act in the breeding paddocks and well all watch her Multibet pups with interest
Wallace Fyer (BexhillEoin x Carrick Sam)taking the Cup from Duragile Allstar (janey Mac Aroo x Gooreen Jessie)

Thomas Shields and Michael Keenan with Flyer

Michael Fitzgerald and John Roche with Kingsmill Bliss

Liscannor Winners



All Age Cup
Winner: Flow On Ted RU: Whitestone Rover

Flow on Ted  (Bexhill Eoin x Caoimhes Cindy)....leading Inny Perfection in the first round

All Age Bitch Stake:
Winner: Bejo Blonde RU: Pumpkin Lucky

Derby TS:
Winner: Upsetter RU: No Fool

Upsetter..(Matt Hyland  x Croca Or)

Oaks TS:
Winner: Scattery Express RU: Fishermans Jade


All Age Bitch


All Age Dog


Bitch TS


Res Dog TS


1 Course Duffer
Mystery Black

2Course Duffer
Coolagowan Light

Kilfynn Finals

Bitch Cup

Kingsmill Bliss v Spur Majestic

Dog Cup

Duragile Allstar  v Wallace Flyer

Oaks Trial Stakes

Uptown Hope v Delotti

Reserve Dog TS

Bridewell Fawn  v Oilean Fantasy

One Course Duffer

Fortfield Hyland v Mystery Black

Two Course Duffer

Coolagowan Light v Fawn Mystery

Kilfynn Survivors

Duarigle Allstar
Trial Balance
Shanavullen Rio
Black Chalk
Squatters Rights
Quarrymount Man
Wallace Flyer
Dakota Highway
Kilpeacon Cadet
Eagles Point
Bridewell Fawn
Lotus Viper
Carrigoir Pat
Oilean Fantasy
Small Impression
Marshals Safari
Joans Diva
Uptown Hope
Big Maggie
Aoifes Dilemma
Beck Row Hyland
Avenue Gypsy
Wallace Lady