Wednesday, October 7, 2009


 At the recent Hare Seminar we had a very interesting talk by Aiden Supple about the the best way to make a Hare Escape.

I must say I found this very interesting.........Ive noticed many dogs pile into the flat escapes........moreso on the short fields.

We were told that a easy way to make them is with four "builders panels"......these can be ordered from the Creamerys.  Above is a diagram of how to set them up.  There needs to be a "gap" of 10" underneath to allow the hares escape.
And here Aiden is showing the angles to place the panels.

At Glin we saw this style of Escape in action............I must admit it worked very well.............very few hares turned back once in the escape............and there were far fewer dogs smashing into it.   In the main they run down the side as they pulled up.

This is the finnished you can see all upright poles are well padded with straw..............The bottom has Thick foam protection.  Aiden said that he used a thick layer of straw and found it as good.

 Above the green , foam filled section,   I noticed that black, sorbo rubber matts had been fastened to the more protection and making a neat tidy finnish.

The escape in action

And heres a close up look at the "white fella from Borris in Ossery" making good his bolt for freedom!

And heres some of the working members from Glin..........theres a couple of happy faces there as the local boys did good!!


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