Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hare Coursing BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2011 preview

 Michael McNamara has put together some Clonmel Festival preview videos

Hope they help you face the bookie, s and a big thank you to Michael for all his work through the season
and sharing  generously with us

Hare Coursing Classics Club Champion Stakes 2011 preview

Hare Coursing GREYHOUND & PETWORLD Oaks preview 2011


National Coursing Meeting

Monday 31st Jan, Tuesday 1st Feb and Wednesday 2nd Feb

Judges: Liam Kelly and John O’Connell

Slippers: Tom Murphy and Richie Quinn

Start 11.30am each morning.

MONDAY: First Round Oaks. (Interval) First Round Derby. First Round Spirit of Mischief Stakes.

TUESDAY: Second Round Oaks. Second Round Derby. (Interval). Third Round Oaks. Third Round Derby. First Round Kitty Butler Stakes. First Round TA Morris Stakes. First Round Keen Laddie Stakes.

WEDNESDAY: Complete card
You will find the draw above
Trials run smoothly yesterday ............There are noticeable new imrovements.......There was much though put into a new Slippers Hut .............Then harsh winds blew over the old Hut !
The new one is fine indeed and befitting of the premier Coursing Field