Monday, June 28, 2010


Last week I took a trip up to Newry to see what the "master" had in store for this coming season.

Id like to thank the whole Matthews Family for a lovely day and a warm welcome

Sadly the two main stud dogs were away being drawn......But strengh in depth ment I had plenty of others to see.

First on the list , of course had to be the ever friendly Bexhill Brian.........Dog of the Year

seen here with Ambrose

If all goes well with Brian we could be seeing him out again this new season

along with Walace Flyer
things just went astray for this fella at the end of last year
just missing out on a run in Clonmel.....then picking up a injury in the Irish
Cup winner at Kilflynn and Newcastlewest

Wallace Chief
Cup winner at Crohane and Kilsheelan

Wallace Rock
Cup winner at Kilkenny

Latest Gamble
Oaks TS winner Castleisland
Was a real blow to see this lady pick up a injury when going so well in the Oaks
I was please to see her make such a good recovery.......although she won run again

The main yard is just above Newry  with a overflow up higher mainly for pups

Michael gives Damien a hand Triming nails

And Nial was helping his grandad cut the grass

Ollie Shields and Michael Keenan with two Razor Ashmore saplings fresh in from paddocks.

Its easy to see the secret of this kennel.....first class food..............everything immaculate.............happy dogs in great condition...... everyone hard at work

Tango Time
Dam of Wilton Herald, Needham Time
Tango nicks Monkey and slips off with it

Tango Times x Wallace Green pups

July Bride
Dam of Cross Country

July Bride x Wallace Green

Gallons of fresh milk and lashings of fresh beef will give you puppies like this.

Up to the Top yard were I was show rounds by 4 lovely men

 Who manage to get a bit of hurling practice in as we go
Adam and Ben Matthews
Nial and Seamus

Above the Kennels are offices

Multibet and Court House

Sean Keenan with Multibet

Bar Time
Court House
It was great to see the "old boys" full of life and looking a picture

The Grumpy old men

The kennels arespotless
with there own covered runs

I think they are planning the next hurling session

The pup paddocks are immaculate

Saplings for this season are yet to be led
July Bride bitch

this fella is a corker
Razor Ashmore x July Bride
Give them a inch
Watch out for this on next season!
Razor Ashmore  x Tango Time

time for a quick game

and another

Needham Beauty

Two more super pups for this season
out of Calypso Kelly

More Practice!
Once again Thankyou to everyone for putting up with me

Thursday, June 24, 2010


 Sorry im at it again...........Please dont give up with the lobbying.  Were nearly there!!

 Because its a narrow vote it means we only need to get a few TDs to vote our way.........Already we have 3 or 4 that are looking like going our way........Keep the lobbying up!

 This is a GREEN Bill ......FF were not voted in to Bring the Greyhound Industry to its knees......Remind them of this!

 There is a Protest outside the Dail tonight as TDs inside debate the Bills...........If you can get there that would her show our feelings......7.00pm onwards.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Wont be long before we get going with the dogs as a little reminder..... heres a Photoshow taken at the Irish Cup meeting.............I followed the Club to show some of the before and after work involved  in running the meeting.

Click on this link.....


Step forward please.... Maire Hoctor , Mattie Mcgrath and Denis O`Donovan........three TDs that are preparted to stand up for the people who voted for them.......Thankyou!!

TAOISEACH BRIAN Cowen has asked Minister for the Environment John Gormley to tweak proposed amendments to controversial dog-breeding legislation to satisfy rural Fianna Fáil backbenchers threatening to vote against it.

There is some level of concern within the Coalition about the voting intentions of Tipperary North TD Máire Hoctor and perhaps Mattie McGrath of Tipperary South in relation to the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill.

Mr Gormley has insisted the Bill will become law by the summer recess.

In the Seanad last week, he signalled changes he will introduce to the proposed law when it comes to the Dáil, probably on Friday of next week. The Green Party leader characterised the amendments as “a significant concession on my part” but a small group of Fianna Fáil backbenchers have sought clarifications on some amendments and demanded further changes on others.

Concerns about the proposed law have been raised at numerous meetings of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party, most recently last Wednesday, after which Mr Cowen is understood to have discussed the matter with Mr Gormley.

Carlow-Kilkenny TD Bobby Aylward highlighted fees and the definition of a breeding bitch as particular concerns. “We need clarification before we vote on it. You don’t buy a pig in a poke. We have to carry our own people as well as the Greens on this one.”

However, Mr Aylward said: “It’s not an issue that’s going to bring down the Government.”

Cork South West deputy Christy O’Sullivan said the proposed legislation could not be rushed. “If it takes longer than what’s being anticipated by the Minister to get these issues resolved then so be it . . . They’re not huge issues but they are issues nevertheless.”

Fianna Fáil Senator Denis O’Donovan, who will meet Government Chief Whip John Curran to explain his abstention in the Seanad vote on the proposed legislation, described the amendments proposed by Mr Gormley as “weak”. He said: “I’m taking a stance for rural Ireland and rural pursuits . . . Seven or eight critical amendments would save the day. He [Mr Gormley] is making moves but it’s more like shadow boxing than landing a proper punch.”

Mr Gormley wrote to Mr Cowen on May 26th outlining the amendments concerning micro-chipping, inspections, fees and breeding limitations, along with a “review clause” to examine the impact on the greyhound industry 12 months after the law has been introduced.

Meanwhile, Mr Gormley said the Labour Party “appeared to be planning to oppose the ban on stag hunting”. The Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010 will be debated in the Dáil on Thursday. Labour has not yet taken a position on the issue. Pro-hunting group Rural Ireland Says Enough! is planning a demonstration outside Leinster House to coincide with the debate.

Monday, June 21, 2010


As we are coming towards the Bills being finalised , Rise are stepping up the protesting.  There will be two get there if you can...........It will be our last chance!

 THURSDAY 24th JUNE.....a DEMO OUTSIDE THE DAIL......7 - 9pm


From the RISE WEBSITE....

Gormley lays down the gauntlet. RISE! responds

What is happening?

The Minister for the Environment, John Gormley TD, has laid down the gauntlet ‘big time’ to the RISE! Campaign.

The Campaign has decided on a series of initiatives to defeat his proposals and prevent him achieving his stated aim of bringing the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill and the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill into law before the middle of July.

Gormley has availed of the recent period of political uncertainty to start pushing his proposal through the Dáil and Seanad.

Wildlife (Amendment) Bill

Next Thursday 24th June at 7.30 pm the Dáil will begin debating the Bill to ban the Ward Union Hunt and to severely restrict deerstalking. It will come back to the Dáil on Wednesday, 30th June. The Taoiseach has backed Gormley to allow him to ‘guillotine’ the debate (that is, preventing TDs from speaking even if they want to) so that the Bill will be finished in the Dáil on Wednesday 30th. After that, it will go to the Seanad and it looks like Gormley and Cowen’s guillotine will be wielded there as well to get in passed in short order.

Dog Breeding Establishments Bill

The Seanad finally passed this Bill last Wednesday 16th June. It is now ready to go to the Dáil to be finalised. Gormley has bought off backbench Fianna Fáil opposition to the Bill by proposing a few weak amendments that are entirely unacceptable to RISE! and to all its affiliated organisations. Do not be conned by FF representatives telling you that ‘there are substantial amendments to the Dog Breeding Bill’.

Our response

RISE! is responding with a comprehensive and integrated series of initiatives, both public and private. These initiatives will highlight both the Wildlife Bill and the Dog Breeding Bill. They are set out below in the order in which they are happening.

Information Night, 8.30 pm Wednesday 23rd June, Simonstown GFC, county Meath

This has changed from being an Information Night into a show of strength to kick off this phase of our campaign. Prominent speakers from different backgrounds will show their support.

Demo outside the Dáil, 7 – 9pm, Thursday 24th June

To coincide with the start of the Dáil debate, there will be a demo outside the Dáil from 7pm to 9pm. Apart from lobbying TDs, this is important to achieve coverage on the TV and radio bulletins as well as in the newspapers the following day.

Major rally in Trim, county Meath, 12 Noon, Saturday 26th June

The people of Meath, Dublin and surrounding counties are invited to a rally in Trim to publicly demonstrate their support for an important part of their heritage, the Ward Union Hunt. For people and clubs that cannot attend, we want messages of support that can be read out from the platform

Demo outside the Dáil, all day, Wednesday 30th June

To coincide with the end of the Dáil debate, there will be a relay of RISE! supporters outside Leinster House while the Bill is being debated. Again, this puts moral pressure on the TDs and helps to gain media coverage.

County Information Nights

These will continue. More than twenty have been organised. Chec EXTERNAL LINK for updates

County Council motions

Eight councils have adopted motions supporting RISE! We will intensify our efforts until every county in the country is included.


There will be a continuous, pro-active stream of media releases and briefings to the media – print and electronic – local and national. The aim is to get ahead of Gormley in media coverage and to stay ahead.

Apart from the public initiatives, there will be very important campaigning going on in private

Meeting TDs

We have a target group of FF TDs and Independents who will be met privately by people whom they know and respect.

E-mails to TDs

The e-mails to TDs are being well received and are having an effect. We need to step this up. If your association has not yet delivered on your quota of e-mail writers please do so immediately. The Campaign Office can offer technical assistance.

Deerstalking issue

The deerstalkers’ bodies will continue to highlight the fact that – for whatever reason – the Wildlife Bill proposes to criminalise their activities. Whatever ever about banning the Ward Union, it is important to stress to FF politicians that a clampdown on deerstalking is not covered by the Renegotiated Programme for Government.

Briefing Packs for TDs

Today, each TD will receive a comprehensive briefing pack on case against the Wildlife Bill. Senators will receive similar if and when the Bill goes to them. A briefing pack on the Dog Breeding Bill will be provided to TDs at the appropriate time.


If anyone has a suggestion about other initiatives that could be undertaken, please email them to and they will be brought to the attention of the RISE! Directors.


Good campaigning costs money. Enquire from the Campaign Office for details of how to support us in this regard.

Keep in touch!

We will issue regular updates on this phase of the campaign. Check our new web site for updates and make sure people know about it.

Together we can beat this. But we need to work hard and clever

Thursday, June 17, 2010


yesterday's Seanad "debate" - the main points


Minister Gormley indicated that the following amendments will be introduced in the Dáil:

1- To allow a qualified veterinary practitioner / stipendary steward from the ICC/IGB to accompany a Local Authority Veterinary Inspector on an inspection of a greyhound breeding establishment.

2- Stipulate that a Local Authority Veterinary Inspector is also an authorised person under section 16 (Authorised persons).

3- Insert a provision that only a Local Authority Veterinary Inspector can issue an improvement order.

4- Provide that a registered Dog Breeding Establishment would be exempt from the fee associated with a general dog license (but not exempt from the licensing process itself).

5- Provide for the exemption of IGB Registered Trainers from the fee associated with the registration process. This would mirror the provision of the Hunt Club exemption.

6- Allowance of 3 litters over 3 years subject to veterinary advice providing that the provision for a maximum of 6 littersin the lifetime of a bitch would be retained.

7- Alter the definition of a breeding establishment to extend the 4 month age threshold to 6 months.

8- Change the previously signaled requirement of micro-chipping of all dogs on the premises by by 8 weeks old or before they leave the establishment to 12 weeks old.

9- Insert a provision that the legislation be reviewed after 12 months with a view to assessing its impact on the effective functioning of the Greyhound Industry.


Fine Gael Senators Paudie Coffey and Maurice Cummins put forward four amendments, proposed by Senator Cummins and seconded by Senator Paul Bradford.

1- That dog-breeders should have 12 months from the enactment of the bill to register with their local authority rather than the 3 months specified in the bill.

The Minister suggested that he would be willing to amend it to six months and the proposed amendment was withdrawn.

2- That there would be a facility to pay fees by electronic means.

The Minister stated that not all local authorities had such facilities in place but that it is expected that they will have in the future. Proposed amendment withdrawn.

3- That the operator of an establishment registered with the Irish Coursing Club be exempt from fees associated with registration as a Dog Breeding Establishment with the local authority.

The Minister was not willing to accept the amendment. The amendment was pressed and a vote was taken.

The Seanad divided: Tá, 18; Níl, 31.

Bacik, Ivana. Bradford, Paul.

Burke, Paddy. Buttimer, Jerry.

Cannon, Ciaran. Coghlan, Paul.

Cummins, Maurice. Donohoe, Paschal.

Fitzgerald, Frances. Hannigan, Dominic.

Healy Eames, Fidelma. McCarthy, Michael.

McFadden, Nicky. O’Reilly, Joe.

Phelan, John Paul. Prendergast, Phil.

Ryan, Brendan. Twomey, Liam.


Boyle, Dan. Brady, Martin.

Butler, Larry. Callely, Ivor.

Carroll, James. Carty, John.

Cassidy, Donie. Corrigan, Maria.

Daly, Mark. Dearey, Mark.

Ellis, John. Feeney, Geraldine.

Glynn, Camillus. Hanafin, John.

Keaveney, Cecilia. Leyden, Terry.

McDonald, Lisa. Mooney, Paschal.

Mullen, Rónán. Norris, David.

Ó Brolcháin, Niall. Ó Domhnaill, Brian.

O’Brien, Francis. O’Malley, Fiona.

O’Sullivan, Ned. O’Toole, Joe.

Ormonde, Ann. Quinn, Feargal.

Ross, Shane. White, Mary M.

Wilson, Diarmuid.

Tellers: Tá, Senators Paul Bradford and Maurice Cummins; Níl, Senators Niall Ó Brolcháin and Diarmuid Wilson.

Amendment declared lost

4- To amend the definition of a breeding bitch from over the age of four months to over the age of two years

The Minister re-iterated his indication that the definition would be amended to over the age of six months when the bill reaches the Dáil. After some debate Senator Cummins indicated that the his party would have compromised at over twelve months. Agreement was not reached.

Question put: “That the word and figure proposed to be deleted stand.”

The Seanad divided: Tá, 30; Níl, 19.

Boyle, Dan. Brady, Martin.

Butler, Larry. Callely, Ivor.

Carroll, James. Carty, John.

Cassidy, Donie. Corrigan, Maria.

Daly, Mark. Dearey, Mark.

Ellis, John. Feeney, Geraldine.

Glynn, Camillus. Hanafin, John.

Keaveney, Cecilia. Leyden, Terry.

McDonald, Lisa. Mooney, Paschal.

Norris, David. Ó Brolcháin, Niall.

Ó Domhnaill, Brian. O’Brien, Francis.

O’Malley, Fiona. O’Sullivan, Ned.

Ormonde, Ann. Quinn, Feargal.

Ross, Shane. Walsh, Jim.

White, Mary M. Wilson, Diarmuid.


Bradford, Paul. Burke, Paddy.

Buttimer, Jerry. Cannon, Ciaran.

Coghlan, Paul. Cummins, Maurice.

Doherty, Pearse. Fitzgerald, Frances.

Hannigan, Dominic. Healy Eames, Fidelma.

McCarthy, Michael. McFadden, Nicky.

Mullen, Rónán. O’Reilly, Joe.

O’Toole, Joe. Phelan, John Paul.

Prendergast, Phil. Ryan, Brendan.

Twomey, Liam.

Tellers: Tá, Senators Niall Ó Brolcháin and Diarmuid Wilson; Níl, Senators Maurice Cummins and Joe O’Reilly.

Question declared carried


The RISE! Campaign is continuing to gather strong support from county councils across the country. Last evening, motions supporting RISE! were adopted by the county councils in Leitrim, Tipperary South, Wexford and Waterford. Similar motions have already been adopted by counties Meath and Offaly. This brings to six ...the number of counties that have adopted motions. Longford county council will discuss a supportive motion tomorrow and up to a dozen other councils will follow either this month or next month. The support coming from county councils reflects the strong grassroots support for our campaign

The following new RISE! Information Nights have been confirmed:


The Killarney Oaks Hotel, Muckross Road, Killarney, county Kerry at 8.30 pm on Friday 18th June 2010. Organisers: Donal Murphy 087-2510172; Eamon Courtney 0872618654


The Castle Hotel Macroom county Cork on Saturday 19th June at 8.30 pm sharp. Organiser: Jim Murphy 087-9577488


Simonstown GAA Club, Simonstown, county Meath at 8.30 pm on Wednesday 23rd June 2010. The event is Simonstown is being organised by the Committee of Meath Regional Game Council and members of more than fifty gun clubs are expected to attend. Organiser: David Dillon 087-8135905


The Hyde Centre, Athlone Road, Roscommon, county Roscommon at 8.30 pm on Thursday 24th June 2010. Organisers: Michéal Curley 086-2481630; Liam McManus 086-8418695


The Coolera House Bar, Ransboro, Strandhill, county Sligo at 8.30 pm on Friday 25th June. Organiser: Brendan Dollan 086-6602162


The West County Hotel, Ennis, county Clare at 8.30 pm on Friday 9th July. Organisers: Aidan O’Connor 086-8408264; Pat Hannon 086-2841648; John Prenderville 086-3805154

So far, RISE! has organised more than twenty Information Nights in counties Roscommon, Monaghan, Cavan, Meath, Kildare, Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Offaly, Westmeath, Waterford, Tipperary, Galway, Leitrim, Sligo, Longford and Mayo. The lowest attendance was about 150 and the highest 350. They are often attended by TDs, Senators and County Councillors


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Im sorrynive been a bit boring lately............there will be another Kennel visit soon

In the mean time i spent Sunday taking pictures of Birds on Saltee Island and before that I visited Ballydoyle to see the facillities

 you can see these photos on my other here

My Other Photos


the bill is down for report stage in the Seanad on Wednesday

the IGOBF is a nominating body on the Agricultural Panel for Seanad Elections . . . . when we attended Leinster House to make our submission to the Joint Committee on Environment, Heritage & Local Government, it became quite obvious that Senators were quite aware of this fact

the following are the email addresses for Senators on this panel . . . . drop them a line . . . . they might want our nomination ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here is a good draught letter for those who may be stuck for address can be found below

Dear sir,

I am writing to express my distress and concern over the manner in which the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010 and the Dog Breeding (Establishments) Bill 2009 have been prepared for enactment.

These Bills are ill prepared and ill conceived and my personal concern is that the Dog Breeding Bill in particular seems to be specifically aimed at the destruction of the greyhound industry.

To this end I would draw your attention to the fact that the many breeders of greyhounds do so on an occasional basis and not as a commercial concern and yet would be very quickly considered a "breeding establishment" under the Bill even though they produce a litter only very occasionally (eg like ourselves, every 2-3yrs). Some people simply prefer bitches and the presence of 6 bitches in one place would make them a "breeding establishment" even if they never actually breed a litter.

The end result would be that bitches and bitch puppies are likely to be euthanised wholesale as they will not be saleable, nor would it be viable for someone like myself to pay 400€ pa for the privilege of keeping bitches rather than dogs.

I am not in anyway against control and regulation of dog breeding, but the particular format of this Bill seems to have certain targets - greyhounds being one. The ICC and IGB have made great progress in recent years as regards welfare and regulation with DNA testing, identification and inspection of breeeding stock and premises, yet they seem to have largely been excluded from consultation and draughting of this Bill.

So far as I am aware, the exact requirements for licencing as a "breeding establishment" have not been outlined, nor by whom such licences will be granted.

The number and age of bitches which will constitute a "breeding establishment" are completely arbitrary, indeed the classification of a puppy of a few months of age as breeding stock is argumentative when a bitch could not produce a litter until she was 2yrs old, nor does it seem reasonable to include bitches over 8yrs old who could not be bred from either under the terms of the Bill.

I repeat that these Bills are ill prepared and ill conceived, therefore, should these Bills be enacted before the summer recess and in their current format I will sadly be forced to discontinue my support for Fianna Fáil at any and all future elections, as will other members of my family and a great many of my friends and acquaintances. I hope you recognise that this would be entirely due to the gross lack of confidence in the current government which these Bills inspire.

Yours faithfully

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The Greens have practically given FF an ultimatum, they want the 3 pieces of legislation through before the Dails summer recess.

If the Greens maintain their stance it is up to FF to allow the Government fall and call a general election.

This is not funny now at this stage as it is likely that those in power want to remain in power, we cannot depend on FF doing the right thing on this, they need to be forced to do what the people want rather than what the animal rights terrorists want.

Do not forget, The Greens will have animal rights activists inspecting your property, they will have these activists in jobs and these people will be involved in legislation to come!!!

Please Contact your local TD via letter and tell them your position in relation to this, let them know that they will not get votes from your extended Family, let them know that all those that vote in favour of this legislation can expect a ferocious backlash come the election!
Pull together please folks............
here are some Email addresses for your TDS
. Mr. Bertie Ahern

2. Mr. Dermot Ahern

3. Mr. Michael Ahern

4. Mr. Noel Ahern

5. Mr. Bernard Allen

6. Mr. Chris Andrews

7. Mr. Barry Andrews

8. Mr. Seán Ardagh

9. Mr. Bobby Aylward

10. Mr. James Bannon

11. Mr. Sean Barrett

12. Mr. Joe Behan

13. Mr. Niall Blaney

14. Ms. Aíne Brady

15. Mr. Cyprian Brady

16. Mr. Johnny Brady

17. Mr. Pat Breen

18. Mr. Tommy Broughan

19. Mr. John Browne

20. Mr. Richard Bruton

21. Mr. Ulick Burke

22. Ms. Joan Burton

23. Ms. Catherine Byrne

24. Mr. Thomas Byrne

25. Mr. Dara Calleary

26. Mr. Pat Carey

27. Mr. Joe Carey

28. Ms. Deirdre Clune

29. Mr. Niall Collins

30. Ms. Margaret Conlon

31. Mr. Paul Connaughton

32. Mr. Sean Connick

33. Mr. Noel J Coonan

34. Mr. Joe Costello

35. Ms. Mary Coughlan

36. Mr. Simon Coveney

37. Mr. Brian Cowen

38. Mr. Seymour Crawford

39. Mr. Michael Creed

40. Mr. John Cregan

41. Ms. Lucinda Creighton

42. Mr. Ciaran Cuffe

43. Mr. Martin Cullen

44. Mr. John Curran

45. Mr. Michael W. D'Arcy

46. Mr. John Deasy

47. Mr. Jimmy Deenihan

48. Mr. Noel Dempsey

49. Mr. Jimmy Devins

50. Mr. Timmy Dooley

51. Mr. Andrew Doyle

52. Mr. Bernard Durkan

53. Mr. Damien English

54. Ms. Olwyn Enright

55. Mr. Frank Fahey

56. Mr. Frank Feighan

57. Mr. Martin Ferris

58. Mr. Michael Finneran

59. Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick

60. Mr. Charles Flanagan

61. Mr. Terence Flanagan

62. Mr. Sean Fleming

63. Ms. Beverley Flynn

64. Mr. Eamon Gilmore

65. Mr. Paul Nicholas Gogarty

66. Mr. John Gormley

67. Mr. Noel Grealish

68. Ms. Mary Hanafin

69. Ms. Mary Harney

70. Mr. Sean Haughey

71. Mr. Brian Hayes

72. Mr. Tom Hayes

73. Mr. Jackie Healy-Rae

74. Mr. Michael D. Higgins

75. Ms. Máire Hoctor

76. Mr. Phil Hogan

77. Mr. Brendan Howlin

78. Mr. Paul Kehoe

79. Mr. Billy Kelleher 80. Mr. Peter Kelly

81. Mr. Brendan Kenneally

82. Mr. Michael Kennedy

83. Mr. Enda Kenny

84. Mr. Tony Killeen

85. Mr. Séamus Kirk

86. Mr. Michael P. Kitt

87. Mr. Tom Kitt 88. Mr. Brian Joseph Lenihan

89. Mr. George Lee

90. Mr. Conor Lenihan

91. Mr. Michael Lowry

92. Ms. Kathleen Lynch

93. Mr. Ciarán Lynch

94. Dr. Martin Mansergh

95. Mr. Micheál Martin

96. Mr. Pádraic McCormack

97. Dr. James McDaid

98. Mr. Thomas McEllistrim

99. Mr. Shane McEntee

100. Mr. Dinny McGinley

101. Mr. Mattie McGrath 102. Mr. Michael McGrath 103. Mr. Finian McGrath

104. Mr. John McGuinness

105. Mr. Joe McHugh 106. Ms. Liz McManus

107. Ms. Olivia Mitchell

108. Mr. John Anthony Moloney

109. Mr. Arthur Morgan

110. Mr. Michael Moynihan 111. Mr. Michael Mulcahy 112. Mr. Denis Naughten

113. Mr. Dan Neville

114. Mr. M. J. Nolan

115. Mr. Michael Noonan

116. Mr. Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin

117. Mr. Éamon Ó Cuív

118. Mr. Seán Ó Fearghaíl

119. Mr. Aengus Ó Snodaigh

120. Mr. Darragh O'Brien

121. Mr. Charlie O'Connor

122. Mr. Willie O'Dea

123. Mr. Kieran O'Donnell

124. Mr. John O'Donoghue

125. Mr. Fergus O'Dowd

126. Mr. Noel O'Flynn

127. Dr. Rory O'Hanlon

128. Mr. Batt O'Keeffe

129. Mr. Jim O'Keeffe

130. Mr. Edward O'Keeffe

131. Mr. John O'Mahony

132. Ms. Mary O'Rourke

133. Mr. Brian O'Shea

134. Mr. Christy O'Sullivan

135. Ms. Jan O'Sullivan

136. Ms. Maureen O’Sullivan

137. Mr. Willie Penrose

138. Mr. John Perry

139. Mr. Seán Power

140. Mr. Peter Power

141. Mr. Ruairí Quinn

142. Mr. Pat Rabbitte

143. Dr. James Reilly

144. Mr. Michael Ring

145. Mr. Dick Roche

146. Mr. Eamon Ryan

147. Mr. Trevor Sargent

148. Mr. Eamon Scanlon

149. Mr. Alan Shatter

150. Mr. Tom Sheahan

151. Mr. P. J. Sheehan

152. Mr. Sean Sherlock

153. Ms. Róisín Shortall

154. Mr. Brendan Smith 155. Mr. Emmet Stagg

156. Mr. David Stanton

157. Mr. Billy Godfrey Timmins 158. Mr. Noel Treacy

159. Ms. Joanna Tuffy

160. Dr. Mary Upton

161. Mr. Leo Varadkar

162. Mr. Jack Wall

163. Ms. Mary Wallace

164. Ms. Mary Alexandra White

165. Dr. Michael J. Woods

Sunday, June 6, 2010


On Friday I took a trip down to Adare and popped into see  Pa Fitzgerald.  Ive been meaning to for months now.   The kennels are on Patsy Byrnes  Racehorse Stud ........a truely amazing place. 


Here is the entrance of the Stables..............the kennels are on the side......the whole place is spotless

Pa only keeps a few dogs so they get first class attention.  He says he likes to do everything the "old way" and seldom uses the walker prefering to use his shoe leather.  There is plenty of space on the farm making it possible to walk the dogs without going onto the roads

Kerry Call and Kerry Calling

Ballymac Under having a word with Pa

Pa takes the dogs for two good walks a day.............along this road and to the left is a 14 acre field and a 400 yard gallop
 used for the dogs

Kerry Call looking in great shape
litter brother Kerry Calling

Ballymac Under

out on exercise

assistant Keiron out walking