Saturday, September 26, 2009


 It was a great relief to see the hares at Liscannor so well trained and strong.   A game of Ducks and Drakes played by Mr Gormley  left little time for catching and training is to there credit that Liscannor were up to the task.

Before the off

 Hares had enough tricks to fool the dogs!


and they all made good their escapes!

Saoirse Donnelley  talking to Judge Tony Reddan

And Finally a big thankyou to these lads...........just some of the days workers

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Opening Day

The weather kept fine for a super first day at Liscannor.  The crowd was hugh and many of these were holiday makers impressed with their first look at Coursing.  Many had only seen the terrible propagander  put out by the antis and were pleased they made the effort to see it for themselves.

Hares were excllent all day and a great credit to Liscannor club,  who excelled in difficult circumstances.

Scattery Express  (Matt Hyland x Scattery Mac) impressed in the Bitch TS

Many pups were running green on this first day..........there were a few  scrathced runners in the second round as conditions were firm. Drying winds at this time of the year soon change the going........rain is needed soon!

Gurraun Flash goes well in the Dog TS

It was a close affair in the Cup.......................the morning see a hot contest between Soundmanpaddy and Whitestone Rover.............both stood out in the first round


Whitestone Rover

Liscannor Survivors

Welldone done to Liscannor CC for a super days coursing.....the hares were good all day....


Sporting Django v Upsetter

Drimeen Butcher v Dromelihy Hyland

No Fool v Da Russian

Gaurraun Flash v Yew Best


Scattery Express V Flow on Lucy

Margarets Castle v Red Music

Ballymore Minne v Doonbeg Flyer

Fishermans Jade v Mount Ruby Rhiana

McDonagh Cup

Rathmeehan Jimmy v Shadow Tevez

Soundmanpaddy V Whitestone Rover

Ballineala Soho v Flow on Ted

Hollyhill Best v Louises Delight


Coursing is going well at Liscannor.........The Hares ar first class..........well schooled and running clever.

Those that are putting in turns are well able to fool the dogs and escape without a fleck.  Making nonsense of Fitzgeralds scaremongering letter to the minister.

The other news is  KING SAUNDERS is withdrawn from the Cup