Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The season has finnished.....for those of you with dogs that will follow it in the track , entries are soon closing for the first Coursing unraced of the season at Kilkenny.....

€7,000 Erinstone Coursing Bred

Unraced 325
(Kindly Sponsored By Erinstone, Holdensrath)

Winner €2,200 & Trophy!!
For 60 Coursing Bred Greyhounds @ €20 each. ( Must be strictly by a coursing bred sire)

Entries Close Fri Morn Mar 4th - 1st Rd Wed Mar 9th


Theres also one at WATERFORD.....starting the 25th March

This one is not dogs knocked out of Kilkenny will be able to enter!

The Doctor Morrissey  S5 or lower  .....must be by a registered Coursing Sire

To enter please ring Waterford on.....051-874531

Both Stakes are a great crac so go along to meet up with your fellow coursing frends and support them

Amhrán na bhFiann


Most of the Irish Cup hares were released back to the wild on Sunday .....those kept back to run in the Finals were released on monday you can see from these two fellas hoping out the car.

All hares are released back to where they are captured

I thought you might be interested in hearing about  "the Boss"............

The Boss is the name given to one of this years hares.   Interestingly hes a "second season" hare........Tagged from last year!  Last year he was a "brown"  hare......this year he turned 3/4 white.

This distinctive colour made sure he was easily recognised and gave the hare husbandry boys a chance to watch his behaviour.  He stood apart from the others.....was very independent and always led the pack.

Joe checked last years records and they showed he was a good coursing hare.....This year  "The Boss" never let them down , he  is a good strong hare .....good enough to be kept back for the Finals.

Here he is at the Trials.....getting some practice in

And here he can be seen giving Uptown Don the slip in the Kyle James Puppy Stake Final.

The Boss captured every ones hearts and  all held there breath when he ran up the field.......No need to fear,  as this fella knows how to look after himself.

You can't help but be impressed with the condition of these hares........They all have great wide backs on them and gleam with health. 

Theres nothing better than watching this team at work with there hares.....they are first class 

Saying goodbye to the Boss for the last time... He was released into the exact same field he was captured in.

hes away

Will we see him back in Patrickswell next year I wonder