Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This was taken from the ICC Website......and of course the photos are my own , of the documentary being made in Ballyduff.........Tune in tonight at 10pm.....TV3

TV3’s documentary on Fox Hunting and Coursing will be aired this Tuesday night (March 22nd) at 10pm and will provide viewers with a behind the scenes look at both field sports. 
As part of the coursing segment there is footage of the County Carlow hare park and all the associated care provided by club members to ensure the welfare of the hare. 
Ballyduff coursing club provide footage on the final day of their three day event. This segment captures the social aspect of coursing and the thrill of owning a winning greyhound and the respect for the hare exhibited by coursing participants. It will also include footage of the hare release, the most important part of any coursing meeting. 

Another segment of the programme focuses on the anti protest staged at Edenderry coursing meeting last year. Edenderry club members had to secure their field to prevent any disruption to events. The protesters demonstrated on the roadway adjacent to the field and were accompanied by the presenter of the documentary. The club were unaware of the presenter’s impartiality given his proximity to the protestors and it was decided best not to engage on any level with the demonstrators or third parties associated with them to ensure the coursing meeting itself and more particular the hare remained uncompromised. Edenderry staged a very successful meeting despite the challenges put forward by noisy demonstrators.

The programme carries interviews with Brian Purcell, Michael Horgan, John O’Connor MRCVS, Phil Meaney and footage of dosing and tagging a hare by Pat & Peter Meaney of the Carlow Club.
Coursing is seldom provided the benefit of national media and hopefully this programme will at least demonstrate that coursing has many dimensions and benefits. Our aim in participating in this programme was to encourage people to attend a coursing fixture for themselves, become more informed and then make a judgement on this wonderful sport.