Sunday, February 21, 2010


 Tower Cross v   Tipoka (p)

 Fealesuir Johnny (p) v  Floating Rain

 Party Jay Cee v  Kildonogue Billy (p)

 Oilean Fantasy (p) v  Jiving Rythm

 City Terminator (p) v Tory Hill Blonde (p)

 Begorragh (p) v  He Can’t Win

 Banna Joker v  Mungos Brief

 Claddagh Hight (p) v  Carrigmore Heart

 Bexhill Brian v  Dale Indecisive

 Alarm Time v  Lisloose Eoin (p)

 Donard King v  Shandrum Bar

 Mungos Classic v  Cooga Ruby (p)

 Ty Bach v  Prevelence (p)

Feede Fred v  Kilbeacanty Hill (p)

 Kyle Basil (p) v  Flow On Ted

 Likely Treble (p) v    Beyond Gaisce (p)                                           

 Gallys Bridge (p) v Catunda Ashmore

Patsy Byrne Sandy Sea v  Gifted Hero

 Gingerbread Lad v  High And Mighty (p)

 Ho John Ran v  Eshwary Brae

 Kerry Call (p) v  Kerry Calling (p)

 Wake Up Rascal v Ronans Man

 Cernunnos v  Quarrymount Man

Scotch Action v  Big Mans Bluff

 Beyond Killimer (p) v  Atlantic Style

 Vacume Electric v Stiff Test (p)

 Raleigh Duarigle Allstar v  Moot Point (p)

 Serene Digital v  Lixnaw View

 Macroney Caesar v  Dougal Town

 Lone Boxer (p) v  Splodge

 Wallace Flyer v Mike Jacks Navigator

 Brazing Serpent (p) v  City Deal (p


Yesterday the Irish Cup ran a marathon session of trials as a workout for their hares.  I must say the hares were mighty.............getting a close up view of them you could see the condition and shine they carried and they ran like champions.

Irish Cup Hares

The stage is set for a great Irish Cup next week.............treat yourself to a visit if its not already on your list of things to do!!

Working members stop for a break

Richie Quinn and Owen Doyle do the slipping

Plenty of pups were there to watch

John Curtin and Joe Shanahan release hares

Joe Shanahan and Richie Quinn assessing hares

Eamonn Quinn maning the escape hatch

You have to take your hat of to this hare husbandry team.........they also run the Regional and are as fine a team you will find in the country
Jimmy, Richard jr, Eamonn , Brendon Quinn, Joe Shanahan, J Garvey

Damien Delaney over seeing trials

wish they would get a move on

Handslips for pups