Saturday, February 25, 2012


JP McManus Irish Cup -- the last eight
8 Miss Claire Eustace, F WINDFARM EISCIR D Bexhill Eoin -Windfarm Lady
16 Mr. Roy Ruddy, BE DRUMCROW VIEW D Droopys Scolari – Drumcrow Nicola
19 Mr. Michael Ryan, BK KILLIMOR MATEY D Bexhill Eoin -Graigue Cascade

The following is the revised Order Of Running for the final day of the Irish Cup meeting (following the cancellation of the Earl of Dunraven Kilgobbin Stake and the Kyle James Puppy Stake).

Start time 11.30am remains the same.
Start with Inter Club Champion Working Members Stake, Select Champion Bitch Stake, Irish Purse, Irish Plate and Irish Cup.
Interval followed by all semi-finals.
Interval followed by all finals.

29 Mr. Patrick McKenna, BD WHITESTONE RAI D Droopys Saunders -Wake Up time

36 Master Paul White, WF SMART TOUCH ( P ) D Dual Type -Safety Set

45 Miss Jenna M. O’Donoghue, DKBD JERU CAVENDISH ( P ) D Siena Steel -Jeru

55 Mr. Patsy Byrne, BK CHELSEA SPEED D Murtys Blaze -Chelsea Girl
61 Mr. Jamie Allen, F BRANNIG RIOBAMBA D Bexhill Eoin -Leigh Shady

Patsy Byrne Select All-Age Bitch Stake
Rios Girl (P)
Barrack Bimbo (P)
Gaisce Mor (P)
Moorstown Mersey (P)

Carolina Crystal
Capetown Lucy (P)
Gentle Angel
Cushie Victoria (P)

Woodlands House Hotel Irish Purse
Cantalach Cocaim
Kyle Tanyard
Pay Me
Ballyhill Seles
Uptown Don
Scartview Sage (P)

Bill Chawke Irish Plate
Kyle King
Ashmore Sambo
Moot Point
Ashmore Master