Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Please take two minute to click on this link and sign this petition.....its a small fightback to the huge number of Petitions the Antis bombard parliament with every year

The only thing currently standing between the Irish Hare and the Endangered Species list is the conservation efforts of the Irish Coursing Club. Scientific studies like Reid, 2010 have shown that areas with coursing clubs have ten to one hundred times the density of hare population because of the efforts of those clubs when compared to the rest of the countryside. The government has neither the money nor the manpower to do what the ICC currently does, so there isn't any alternative conservation plan to fall back on should coursing be banned.
Animal rights extremists also have neither the manpower nor the money to undertake the scale of conservation efforts the ICC undertake today; if we were to follow their agenda, we would see the Irish Hare go extinct as a result of modern agriculture in our lifetimes. But rather than lobby for change to the government, these extremists target individuals and groups and threaten their livelihood to intimidate them into doing what they want. This petition is an attempt to protest that intimidation and support those who are targeted by it. It is a message of support to Limerick Racecourse to say hold firm, and ignore these extremists.