Sunday, March 7, 2010


As its nearly the end of the season I thought I might do a little bit on my brood ,Brats Delight. She has been mated by Bexhill Eoin and is due to whelp in Febuary

 Brats Delight is by Cillowen Harbour out of Howtheylineup. .....who is out of Tullamores dam
Brats brother is the TA Morris winner, Drumbane Rock..............I bought her from Dinny Ryan after seeing her run up in a TS at Cashel,  We then won a TS at Rathdowney with her.  A cough , ten days before Clonmel put paid to any chance of running well there.

She has a year old litter to Droopys Saunders.....and like all puppies they look nice

Im pleased to say she whelped her litter safely on Friday and mother and pups are doing well


Sorry everyone for the delay Broardband Modem has been playing up all week...........allowing me on the net but not letting me upload photos consistantly

Finally it died completly.............modem MK2 was a complete pig yesterday ......but its woken in a better mood today and seems to be hopefully ill get to grips with the Irish Cup