Saturday, September 12, 2009



I will be attending this seminar next week. a short feature will appear on this blog.

Following the recent AGM of the Irish Coursing Club it is proposed to hold a Hare Husbandry Seminar at Powerstown Park on Saturday, September 19th.
It is open to all clubs and members to attend.
The seminar will be hosted by the ICC Hare Husbandry Committee and will provide a comprehensive discussion on all elements associated with the hare.
A tour of the Powerstown facility will conclude the seminar.

An application appeared on the Sporting Press of Thurs Aug 27th ***
This should be completed by any club or member wishing to attend.
Must be returned to DJ Histon, Secretary Irish Coursing Club on or before Monday 14th September.

* Application Form will also appear on Sporting Press issue of Thursday 10th September or alternatively you can simply write to DJ Histon, Secretary Irish Coursing Club, Davis Road, Clonmel, Co Tipperary expressing your wish to attend the seminar. Remember to include your Daytime telephone number and the name of the coursing club of which you are a member.

Its a tense time for all coursing supporters . As it stands at the moment the season is two weeks away and still no sign of the Hare catching License being signed.

Politicians never fail to let us down !. Is it any wonder that the Green Party is considered a joke when they flaunt the laws for their own ends.

With this in mind I would like to draw your attention to the following meetings....

All Field Sport enthusiasts are invited to attend the forthcoming Rallies organised by the Hunting Association of Ireland (H.A.I)

Woodlands Hotel, Adare on Wednesday September 16th.
Carlton Sheerwater Hotel, Ballinasloe on Thursday October 8th.
Both Rallies will commence at 8pm.

DJ Histon, Secretary Irish Coursing Club has been invited by the HAI to speak at the Rally in Adare.
The HAI extend a special welcome to all coursing suporters to attend.

The time has come for all coursing supporters to join together to let the public know of the true facts of Hare Coursing.....

Coursing generates in the region of 16 million euro for the beleagured Irish economy during the National Coursing Meeting in Clonmel each February (not to mention the contribution to the economy for the other 51 weeks of the year)

The recent study of the Irish Hare undertaken by Quercus on behalf of the National Parks & Wildlife Service concluded that "the level of hare husbandry afforded the hare by coursing clubs actually enhances the continued survival prospects of the species"