Friday, February 26, 2010


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Defending champion Sandy Sea made a first round exit from the JP McManus Irish Cup earlier today. Running off the red collar he changed sides behind Gifted Hero very early in the course before coming back at his opponent on the correct side. However the turn came just in time for GIFTED HERO in what turned out to be the second fastest clock of the opening day (10.96secs).

The well drawn TIPOKA (11.00 secs) is now 4/1 joint favourite and in the morning he meets FLOATING RAIN (11.09 secs) who was involved in a hard hunt.


 Floating rain getting work
The other joint favourite is WALLACE FLYER who was fastest up today (10.95 secs). In the morning he meets his kennel mate CITY DEAL who put out Brazing Serpent in another fast time (11.05 secs).
 Wallace Flyer

A very interesting second round buckle will be that between BEXHILL BRIAN (11.04 secs) and LISLOOSE EOIN (11.10 secs). The latter may have been slightly offline but Alarm Time gave him a big scare. Mind you Alarm Time did run very well in the Irish Purse after lunch.
 Lisloose Eoin lead Alarm Time

KERRY CALL get the better of the litter brothers (11.00 secs) and he could yet give Pa Fitzgerald / Patsy Byrne a big say in this Classic despite the elimination of their 2009 Champion. He will definitely get to Sunday if he puts in two similar runs tomorrow.
 The Kerry Brothers

STIFF TEST (11.02 secs) PREVELENCE (11.10 secs) and HIGH AND MIGHTY (11.11 secs) were other pups to impress while PARTY JAY CEE (11.04 secs) and KILBEACANTY HILL (11.06 secs) clocked fastest of the other All Ages.

TORY HILL BLONDE won against City Terminator after they were sent back to slips.

Toryhill Blonde

City Deal

Heres a sequence of Kyle Basil being given the Slip
Isnt this all thats best about Coursing 
Clever Hares 

Coursing resumes at 11.30am on Saturday with Round 2 of the Irish Cup

Thursday, February 25, 2010


March is On


Boss Diamond





Small Bit Gone 




first run 



Hares more numerous in ICC Preserves than wider countryside

Irish hares are eighteen times more abundant in areas managed by the Irish Coursing Club (ICC) than at similar sites in the wider countryside a recent study by Queens University Belfast has shown.

There are approximately 76 local coursing clubs distributed throughout Ireland and each is associated with a number of discrete localities, known colloquially as hare preserves. These are managed favourably for hares including predator control, prohibition of other forms of hunting such as shooting and poaching and the maintenance and enhancement of suitable hare habitat.

Anti-field sports organisations, in addition to animal welfare objections, dispute the efficacy of ICC hare population management practices claiming that annual harvesting of hares causes local population declines and expiration.

The research team, lead by Dr. Neil Reid, Quercus Centre Manager at Queens, indirectly tested the efficacy of management practices by comparing hare numbers within preserves to that in the wider countryside.

Dr Reid said: While we cannot rule out the role of habitat, our results suggest that hare numbers are maintained at high levels in ICC preserves either because clubs select areas of high hare density and subsequently have a negligible effect on numbers, or that active population management positively increases hare abundance.

The research, published in the peer-reviewed international journal Acta Theriologica, suggests that field sports such as shooting, hunting and hare coursing promote the multifunctional use of farmland in which wildlife provides a resource for non-agricultural activities supporting sustainable development. Also, field sports may offer financial and recreational incentives to farmers and private landowners who are frequently willing to accept conservation costs over a wider area than Government can afford to subsidize.

Co-author Professor Ian Montgomery, Head of the School of Biological Sciences at Queens said: The Irish hare is one of the highest priority species in Ireland and its conservation is a fine balance between the management of suitable habitat within agricultural systems, population management by coursing clubs and associated animal welfare concerns. Without legal, well organised and regulated coursing much of the costs of conservation will fall exclusively on Government.

This latest research follows on from a previous study published by the same group in the journal Animal Welfare during 2007, which showed that survival of hares at coursing events significantly improved with the introduction of compulsory muzzling of greyhounds in 1993, while improved levels of captive animal husbandry reduced mortality yet further. It is estimated that about four per cent of the 6,000 or so hares netted by the ICC each year are killed with the rest being released back into the wild.

Further information on the study is available on the Quercus website at

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Captain Dru





Fealesuir Johnny





Oilean Fantasy










Tuesday, February 23, 2010


IRISH CUP - Order of running.

Order of Running for the 2010 Irish Cup meeting

Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February

At Limerick Racecourse, Patrickswell.

Judge: Gerry Mulcaire Slipper: Richie Quinn

First brace in slips 11.30am each day.


Start with First Round of the JP McManus Irish Cup then First round of Inter Club Champion Working Members Stake (before interval).

First round of the Irish Purse and Second round of the Inter Club Champion Working Members Stake (after interval).


Start with Second round of the JP McManus Irish Cup followed by First Round of the Select Champion Bitch Stake (before interval).

Third round of JP McManus Irish Cup, Second round of Select Champion Bitch Stake, Second round of the Irish Purse and First round of the Irish Plate (after the interval).


Start with First round of Earl of Dunraven Kilgobbin Stake, Third round of Inter Club Champion Working Members Stake and complete card


                                                                                                                                                                                             Sandy Sea 5/1

Wallace Flyer 7/1

Lisloose Eoin 8/1 7/1

Bexhill Brian 8/1

Kyle Basil 10/1

Prevelence 10/1

Kerry Calling 10/1

Brazing Serpent 12/1

Tipoka 12/1

Likely Treble 14/1

City Deal 14/1

Party Jay Cee 16/1

High And Mighty 16/1

Splodge 66/1, 33/1. 16/1

Mungos Classic 16/1

Kerry Call 16/1

Gally Bridge 20/1

Stiff Test 20/1

Eshwary Brae 20/1

Catunda Ashmore 20/1

Begorrah 25/1

Mungos Brief 25/1

Beyond Gaisce 25/1

Claddagh Hight 33/1

Beyond Killimer 33/1

Dougal Town 33/1

Ronans Man 33/1

Duarigle Allstar 33/1

Dale Indecisive 33/1

Kildonogue Billy 33/1

Lone Boxer 33/1

Donard King 33/1

Cernunnos 33/1

Feede Gap 40/1

Moot Point 40/1

Atlantic Style 40/1

Floating Rain 40/1

Gingerbread Lad 40/1

Fealesuir Johnny 50/1

Oilean Fantasy 50/1

Lixnaw View 50/1

Carrigmore Heart 50/1

Quarrymount Man 50/1

Tory Hill Blonde 50/1

Serene Digital 50/1

Vacume Electric 50/1

City Terminator 50/1

Alarm Time 66/1

Gifted Hero 66/1

Kilbeacanty Hill 66/1

Cooga Ruby 66/1

Shandrum Bar 66/1

Hecantwin 66/1

Wake Up Rascal 66/1

Tower Cross 100/1

Big Mans Buff 100/1

Jacks Navigator 100/1

Flow On Ted 100/1

Banna Joker 100/1

Scotch Action 100/1

Jiving Rhythm 100/1

Macroney Caesar 100/1

Ho John Ran 100/1

Ty Bach 100/1

Monday, February 22, 2010


The seasons nearly over but not before the last great meeting..............The Irish Cup

If any of you want a photo of your dog..............from any meeting Ive attended this year please send a PM or email.........or text or call and I can print and take them to the Irish Cup meeting

Dont forget If you have a Irish Cup runner for the first or second can pick them up from me the following get your orders in.

Remember your orders keep this blog going.............without them I cannot afford to run this blog so thankyou for your support!!

 Photos are only 10 euro for a A4 size..............great Value

Also............please remember I'm a bit of a airhead, so if you ordered and not received your photos please remind me again.............thank you

Stay tuned into the blog over the coming summer...............Ive some great Kennel visits lined up to Top Trainers, 

and plan to feature my own brood Brats Delight who is due to whelp in 3 weeks time to Bexhill Eoin

There will also be the Ploughing Match to cover don't leave Us completely

You may notice Ive installed a counter to record the visits to this site and also a Search button on the right so you can get to past meetings easier

I will also over the summer try to understand how to get videos onto the blog.............if there's and good Ideas out there to improve things on here ..............send me a PM.............I'm trying to sort my spelling out that one is already in the pipeline

 Enjoy the last meeting and Be lucky if you have a runner

Sunday, February 21, 2010


 Tower Cross v   Tipoka (p)

 Fealesuir Johnny (p) v  Floating Rain

 Party Jay Cee v  Kildonogue Billy (p)

 Oilean Fantasy (p) v  Jiving Rythm

 City Terminator (p) v Tory Hill Blonde (p)

 Begorragh (p) v  He Can’t Win

 Banna Joker v  Mungos Brief

 Claddagh Hight (p) v  Carrigmore Heart

 Bexhill Brian v  Dale Indecisive

 Alarm Time v  Lisloose Eoin (p)

 Donard King v  Shandrum Bar

 Mungos Classic v  Cooga Ruby (p)

 Ty Bach v  Prevelence (p)

Feede Fred v  Kilbeacanty Hill (p)

 Kyle Basil (p) v  Flow On Ted

 Likely Treble (p) v    Beyond Gaisce (p)                                           

 Gallys Bridge (p) v Catunda Ashmore

Patsy Byrne Sandy Sea v  Gifted Hero

 Gingerbread Lad v  High And Mighty (p)

 Ho John Ran v  Eshwary Brae

 Kerry Call (p) v  Kerry Calling (p)

 Wake Up Rascal v Ronans Man

 Cernunnos v  Quarrymount Man

Scotch Action v  Big Mans Bluff

 Beyond Killimer (p) v  Atlantic Style

 Vacume Electric v Stiff Test (p)

 Raleigh Duarigle Allstar v  Moot Point (p)

 Serene Digital v  Lixnaw View

 Macroney Caesar v  Dougal Town

 Lone Boxer (p) v  Splodge

 Wallace Flyer v Mike Jacks Navigator

 Brazing Serpent (p) v  City Deal (p


Yesterday the Irish Cup ran a marathon session of trials as a workout for their hares.  I must say the hares were mighty.............getting a close up view of them you could see the condition and shine they carried and they ran like champions.

Irish Cup Hares

The stage is set for a great Irish Cup next week.............treat yourself to a visit if its not already on your list of things to do!!

Working members stop for a break

Richie Quinn and Owen Doyle do the slipping

Plenty of pups were there to watch

John Curtin and Joe Shanahan release hares

Joe Shanahan and Richie Quinn assessing hares

Eamonn Quinn maning the escape hatch

You have to take your hat of to this hare husbandry team.........they also run the Regional and are as fine a team you will find in the country
Jimmy, Richard jr, Eamonn , Brendon Quinn, Joe Shanahan, J Garvey

Damien Delaney over seeing trials

wish they would get a move on

Handslips for pups