Sunday, April 25, 2010


1st Semi/Final

1st (3)    HES THE THEORY      Mr. Eric McGrath            18.17
2nd (4)    MUNSTER AIR         Mr. Michael O'Connell       1.5L
3rd (6)    CRANA RUA            Ms. Nuala Delaney            1L
4th (2)    TRIAL BALANCE     Profit-N-Loss-Syndicate
5th (5)    GOODBYETHESTAR     Mr. Don Commins
6th (1)    CRAFTY FRAZELLO      Brian/Peter Divilly

2nd SemiFinal

1st (3)    CATUNDA ASHMORE  Walsh/Byrne                  18.04
2nd (4)    TOOME BAN            Taylor/Reardn                2.5L
3rd (1)    LIXNAW TEEBONE   Mr. Kevin Gleeson             2L
4th (6)    DOUGAL TOWN        Finlay/Cashman
5th (5)    CLOVERHILL CHIEF    Mr. John Morrissey
6th (2)    MOORSTOWN JOE   Mr. Joseph O'Flaherty

Looks like were in for a great final.....Catunda Ashmore made no mistakes tonight , running the track really well.  Toome Ban will never give up !  In the first semi Hes the Theory ran a good race and has a family reputation to keep up