Tuesday, July 20, 2010


While I was up in Northern Ireland last month I poped in to see Pearce OHagan.  Pearce is the breeder of Wallace Green,  Wallace Flyer etc....as well as my own lovely bitch  Bless.

Carrick Sam has a super litter this year by Derby Winner Razor Ashmore......im sure this lad has bright times ahead of him ......from the stock ive seen so far. Pearce has used him on two or three broods this year

Pearce and young Turlough with Saplings for this season

Pearce has a few to train this year....all choicely bred out of his broods, im sure hell have some fun with them.

Turlough with Carrick Sam, who I must say was looking a picture.....one interesting brood for this year is that super bitch......Lils Glory......she had a great run as a all age winning two cups and getting to the Finalof the Grace Burton.

Theres still a few pups for sale at Pearces place.....so if your looking......give him a ring