Saturday, August 28, 2010



Please support the upcoming track night in aid of Tradaree Coursing Club.

The club has hit choppy waters over the past few years but a failure to run up last year has been just the wake up call needed to get everybody back to basics and pulling together.

Entry Tickets €10/ Nominations €20, are now available. Any contribution from €1 to €5 is welcome & needed.

Come see this fantastic new stadium, on one of its first nights, run a bus, you won’t go home thirsty. Just contact any member of the club or use the PayPal/Credit card facility on the clubs website

Tradaree also have a excellent website.....check it out


Monday, August 23, 2010


Ive had one or two people telling me they cannot find past the main you are looking at my Kennels visits.

You will find on the right hand side of the blog as you scroll down a PURPLE SEARCH button.....this will help you find old posts....Just put a importand word in box and click search

I have also added a new page in the Bar above this post......called... KENNEL VISITS....I will find all kennel visits and features and place a photo and a link in there to make life the link (below the Picture( to take you to the Old Post.

Another place to look is my Photography Website....................I will be using this site alot this year...............if your picture is not featured on this site but you run your dog at a meeting ive attended fo to this site and look the meeting may find your dog in there.  I will make a new Gallerie called COURSING 2010 for the coming season....heres a link to that website.....


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hare Coursing Derby preview 2008

Hare Coursing -Derby Winner Razor Ashmore

Classic Club Champion Stakes 03


There was a  programme on Radio 4 this last week about last years Clonmel Festival......It was excellent .

For those of you who missed it here is a link......just click on this and it will play.....enjoy


Running with the Hare, which was made at the 2010 National Coursing Meeting at Clonmel, will be aired on BBC Radio 4 this Friday. (August 20) at 11am.

The programme, which was made by Peter Curran and directed by Conor Garrett, is on BBC Radio 4 (FM only) so not everyone in the ROI will have the facility to tune in.

However the good news is that you can log on to from 11am Friday onwards and listen to the programme on the BBC iPlayer. Simply click on ‘Programmes’ select the letter ‘R’ and scroll down to ‘Running with the Hare’. The programme duration is 30 minutes and it will remain on the BBC iPlayer for seven days.

Speaking to the Sporting Press this week, Conor Garrett said he is very grateful to all those who helped with the making of the programme. He said both Peter and himself thoroughly enjoyed their experience in Clonmel.

“We interviewed a large number of very interesting people but unfortunately we had to condense it all into a 30-minute programme so we were not able to include everyone. We are sorry to disappoint those who we had to omit.!


This week I took a trip over to Galway to visit the Crafty Kennels.............

Shane gave me instructions.....".go left at T.....along on left by big trees.....our house has a red door"

At the front of the House is a impressive gallop
And a field thats just been re-seeded with a new gallop

I couldnt help thinking this would make a fine coursing ground

The whole place is set in 50 acres of walled estate

At one time derelict....bit by bit a renovation is going on

Id say this is one very hard working family......nothing was out of place

The kennels are spotless and as fine a set up you would see anywhere
kennels and feed room downstairs
With treatment room and more kennels upstairs

Noelle feeds best meat, bred and vegetables
and the whole kennel had super backs and gleaming coats

Vacume Legend x Crafty Montico

The pups have a constant run of large fields.....they swop fields on a regular basis to keep them interested

Tom Griffin earmarking some Crafty Hugo pups

Crafty Hugo x Crafty Classico

Tyrur Lee x Noelles Magico

Tyrur Ted pups

Getting ready to gallop

`Noelle on the gallop with Hero and Kido

fresh from his Tralee victory in the Paddy Byrne Memorial

Young Miche`al is there to help Noelle for the holidays

Everyone has there own group of dogs to do
Heres Peter with his Saplings for this season by Crafty Pedro

Shane with his runners...some being by Crafty Hugo

Micheal with Lizzie
This young lady just sort of pleases herself and crops up everywhere

Hugo....looking in the same condition as this years runners


Peter with the Crafty Broods
Estardo, Montico, Molino and Sabugo

Lizzie getting upto tricks

were off for a walk round with the saplings

Time for cooling off

Theres plenty to keep them interested

More refreshments

Peter shows me Captains tricks

Hugo in his favorite spot

Lizzie in hers

Lizzie checking ive shut the gate on my way out

A huge thankyou to the Divilly Family for allowing me to invade their place
it was a lovely day...thankyou

There are more pictures of my Pictures on this link