Wednesday, February 1, 2012


What a fantastic meeting we had this year.....and the good Lord provided a perfect day.

It will take me a while to sort out todays Pictures....Well done to the Boys from Glin.  I so enjoyed your win!.....and of course all other winners.

Heres a Super write up penned by our video man....MichaƩl off to edit the pictures

He’s fine’.
Brian had anticipated my query on the wellbeing of Go Home Hare before coursing commenced this morning.
Kennedy was right!
Go Home Hare stretched 5l clear of Prime Example in a straight course quarter final. In his semi, ‘Hare’ opened an early lead, India Rio (q/f bye straight course) closed to within ¾ l at the turn.
The stand rocked.
In the bottom half, the little black dog –Blueview Sam – was beginning to take on iconic status himself. Aftertiming had no answer to the pacey ‘Sam’ and went under by 2 ½l.
Skellig Wish went ‘toe to toe’ with Solid Monk for most of the stretch. ‘Monk’ pulled out to score by 1l on the hill. The earlier exertions had taken their toll on the Skellig dog.
‘Sam’ was out in front of ‘Monk in their semifinal encounter. Roared on by his supporters , the 4/5 favourite forced ‘Monk’ to switch sides and was up by 1l at the turn.
The final was over after 30 yards. Favourite- Blueview Sam was visibly hurt. Nonetheless Go Home Hare turned the hare to make judge –Liam Kelly- raise the ‘red’ flag to complete the Boylesports derby 2012.
An extraordinary moment for Dessie, Brian and the (Clon) Mel syndicate. The stories of how this syndicate was formed are written into folklore – a decision was made in the bar on the Monday evening of last year’s coursing festival. Michael Fitzgerald was charged with selection. The rest, as they say, is history.
For Michael Sheehy and the other syndicate members (no one could clarify the exact number, though it did seem to grow as the week went on!), there is no doubt that Go Home Hare (…has his own Facebook page which some say, he updates himself) has changed their lives forever.
The Greyhound & Petworld oaks was a white knuckle ride for the bravest of punters. Fives Treasure bet Awe & Wonder by 2 ½l at the turn in the quarterfinal encounter. Emmas Gold rush looked equally impressive in her q/f win over Feede Blond. In a short slip ,’Emmas’ turned the hare at the brow of the hill and tumbled . A strong hare moved quickly to the escape. No damage done.
In the bottom half , Oh Bamba was behind early , but stretched out for a 1l win against Coffee In Currow at the top of run-up. Two turns followed – no hardship.
Wins over Holy Lady, Cassiebeag an Ravel Glory now put Dale Roisin up against Rosie Hedge in the last quarterfinal. Behind early, ‘Roisin’ pulled out by 1l, with the turn at the butt of the escape.
‘Emmas’ was quickly into her stride in the first semifinal. There was a wall of sound reverberating from the stand. I clinched my fist. Fives Treasure closed the gap but was still 2 ½l adrift at the turn. Another turn and puss was home. The dream for Kevin Morrissey, Johnny O’Connell, Declan and the lads was over.
12/1 after the first round, Dale Rosin (3/1) had snuck in under the radar and was a course away from a place in the final. ‘Roisin’ put daylight between herself and Oh Banba (10/1) , scoring by 2l in a straight course.
The curse of the ‘favourite’ tag was about to befall on Emmas Goldrush. Dale Roisin – Brendan Farrellys homebred – shot out in the final , forced ‘Emmas’ to switch sides, then scoring by 2l at the top of the run-up. An excellent hare quickly found the escape.
It is a long time since I have seen such a crowd attend the finals. The talk was of a renaissance of coursing.
Sky tv attended. Buses were laid on by the Clonmel town businesses to ferry people to and fro.
The ‘plain’ people-‘ the kind of people who don't ring Liveline, write letters to the newspapers or engage in disputes about the sport they love- have spoken.
Newspaper reporters rating their ability to grade snow on their foreign holiday as ‘as far down the ranking of expertise as a supporter of hare-coursing is down the evolutionary scale’ should come and see what we really have to offer.
I’m off to the Local. A few pints with my own kind.