Saturday, March 27, 2010


They came in there Hundreds and THOUSANDS..........between 6 and 8 thousand turned up for the RISE SIX Antis!!.......

Id just like to repeat.....that was SIX individual antis!..............and a Green Party that has 6 TDs voted in
Seems like there something in this 666 thing!!

It beggars belief that such a small minority can hold sway in a democratic society

The Rise ship is in the harbour!!

Ready for the off

A very large crowd marched down the quay and protested outside the Greens Convention..the good humoured Rise supporters laughed and joked at the band of 6 antis,   who were all that bothered to turn up to mount a "counter protest"

There were rallying speeches .....and talker of the day was  Gavin Duffy   from Dragons Den who amused a large crowd ............."We will dispose of Gormley........but we will do so in a environmental way"

And a story of how Mr Gormley asked the Ward Union Hunt if they could take the Stag out hunting on a "lead".......caused much amusement amongst a crowd that consisted of Farmers, Hunt people, Gun Clubs,  dog breeders.greyhound fact a mass of people with true knowledge of the was a shame that Mr Gormley sets himself above these people ..............good honest citizens and chooses instead to side with anarchist's.

Added to that there were the good people of  Waterford who had their own grievances against the Greens joining in!

Up to 5,000 people attended a pro-hunting demonstration at the Green Party's conference in Waterford.

Organisers from the Rural Ireland Says Enough (RISE) campaign claimed the Government was discriminating against country sports and warned it risked losing country seats in the next elections.

A spokesman said: "The Green Party have got their priorities totally wrong during a time of economic and unemployment crisis. Those are the priorities they should be focusing on and not something like hunting."

The demonstration was led by three riders from Waterford and three from the Ward Union Hunt in Meath and Dublin, which they claimed Green Party Environment Minister John Gormley wants to ban.

The spokesman said the Government would also be targeting gun clubs.

"Fianna Fail TDs need to realise what is being done in their name is a major attack on the lifestyle of the ordinary people in the countryside. They are trying to pick off our traditional sports one after another," he added.

There were groups from across Ireland in Waterford championing deer, stag, hare and fox hunting. Some waved banners proclaiming "John Gormless" and shouting similar taunts.

RISE claims to represent 300,000 rural field sports enthusiasts. It has been calling for amendments to the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill, opposes Minister Gormley's plan to ban the Ward Union Stag hunt and is concerned about the implications for farmers and sportsmen of the proposed Animal Health and Welfare Bill.

Taken from press associtation