Friday, September 18, 2009

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " The Irish Hare (Lepus Timidus Hibernicus) The H...":

Hi Yvonne...your enthusiastic support for live hare coursing (on greyhound knowledge forum etc) is a matter of such obvious public knowledge at this stage that I presume you won't object if we (the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports)tell the world about your promotion of a vile cruel disgusting form of animal cruelty that is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE in Britain, Australia, and elsewhere.

You brag and proudly boast to your animal-baiting pals pals on "Greyhound Knowledge Forum" (we have all the scripts)about your sickening love of animal cruelty. Your pictures show only happy hares and running greyhounds...why do you omit the maulings and the injuries and the other abuses?

Over the coming weeks and months we will relay in full graphic TRUTH your SICK message of support for hare coursing to EVERYONE.

Are you aware that the majority of Irish people, including Tipperary people, OPPOSE this disgusting cruelty to animals?

We will, as is our right, inform all your potential customers, and the general public, of what you condone and actively support.

You are a talented photographer. What a pity that you have chosen to promote the barbaric perverted cruelty to animals that is hare coursing.

And we'll be showing on websites all over the world the kind of pictures that you and your animal-baiting pals in the coursing clubs don't want the public to see.

We urge you to re-consider your support for animal cruelty so that we, for our part, can review our proposed worldwide exposure of your pro-animal cruelty projects.

Thanking you,

Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports

In reply sorry ive have no pictures of hares being torn to bits............all your photos and videos are from England where hares were coursed without muzzels......



Hare Up - (See Sporting Press for full statement from DJ Histon)

The news all coursing supporters have been waiting for has arrived. Minister for the Environment Mr. John Gormley has signed the licence for the coursing season of 2009/2010, permitting clubs to net hares from September 16. This year’s delayed issuance of the licence has caused concern to the coursing fraternity given that clubs take their responsibilities more seriously than ever and have the conservation of the hare at the core at all times.
Some debate has been generated over the past weeks both from within coursing circles and from the anti lobbyists who claim to have the welfare of the hare as central to their cause. Their view is short sighted, as they fail to recognise the positive influences coursing clubs have on the hare population. Without the efforts of our sport the hare population would be without the significant layer of protection it presently enjoys from the hare husbandry initiatives afforded by coursing clubs on a 12 month basis. They fail to see that coursing operates in a highly regulated environment. Although our sport may take place only over the winter months and is sensitive to the hare breeding season, the preparation and policing of preserves is a continuous activity and conducted on a voluntary basis. The anti groups need to recognise that without regulated coursing there would be an increase of unregulated coursing taking place throughout the year, with no organisation taking responsibility or interest in the overall well being of the hare.
This weekend at Powerstown Park, coursing enthusiasts with a desire for knowledge will attend a hare seminar to share and gather information. This event is open to all interested parties by registering with the ICC and will commence at 11.30am.


Its reported in the Sporting Press that last seasons Oaks winner is to be retired.  I must say that her sporting owner  Brigid Frank made the Festival meeting memorable for me with her antics at the top of the field after every round.

Fortuna has a long standing tendon injury that resurfaced again in her prep for this its off to the breeding paddocks.  I hope her owners are rewarded with pups as talented and brave as thier dam.

Its great credit to the skills of  Trainer Charlie Faul  and courage of Fortuna......three runs on the last day is no mean feat but Fortuna shrugged off her handicap with great fortitude

Trainer Charlie Faul with Fortuna before her semi final win


Let the celebrations begin!!

Back into the swing

Well the weekend is on its way and its not long until it all kicks off.  Ive a placed booked on the Hare seminar where im taking pictures. Then, Sunday is the first day of hare out with Thurles CC........looking forward to the crac.....I hope your all out with your clubs helping with this very important task.  Its great fun.