Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What a bad weather day it was...........I used the day to do a bit of much neglected housework.............when the phone rings.  Its a IGB steward!.....hes sat outside my house and he wants to inspect my kennels.

Nothing wrong with this...........all greyhound folk are used to these unexpected inspections........They happen often and there is never a complaint  We went through every dog on the premises, with earmarks and names being recorded.........and of course at the same time he took note that the dogs were in good condition and the kennels were up to standard.

And all this is paid for with the Trainers licence that I need in order to race my dogs.  He also checked my brood who has a nice litter of bitch puppies...............of course this is not the last check these puppies will in a few weeks time another steward will come in............earmark and take all makings and put them onto a chart for registration purposes

So............why then MR GORMLEY............does all this need doing twice..............because your terrorist friends say so ...........Only last week on the Frontline Show Farmers  were warned "Be careful who you lie in bed with"..............Perhaps MR GORMLEY should heed this advice.

Oh.............and what about those BITCH puppies..............if Mr Gormley and his terrorist friends get their way ,  who's going to want them??
Nobody..............because even if you never breed a litter..............just having a female dog will mean you are a that fair!!

Meanwhile all the unregistered puppy farmers will carry on as before


Theres a great Benifit Night on show this Evening at Kilkenny

We have the final of the Erinstone Coursing Bred Unraced stake other finals.

Added to that the great Adios Alonso will be on show so get yourself along to Kilkenny for a great evening and support your local Coursing Clubs

The Final
(1) COUSIN BECKY (Mr. Oliver Fitzpatricks) Bexhill Eoin / Masita

(2) FRANEYS BALL (John Codd/James Dempseys) Cushie Theory / Own Hair

(3) GOLDEN FLEECE (Aidin Quilty/Mikey Cronins) Multibet / Moat Elsa

(4) CUSHIE STREAM (Mr. Thomas Codds) Cushie Theory / Shelbourne Cream

(5) CUSHIE HUGO (Mr. Thomas Codds) Cushie Theory / Cushie Lark

(6) CUSHIE PIPER (Mrs. Ruth Codds) Cushie Theory / Cushie Maz


ICC Response to "Dying Hare" Video

Taken from the ICC Website

PRESS RELEASE 31 March 2010

On Tuesday, 30 March 2010, a disturbingly engineered video purporting to have recorded a “dying hare” at the National Coursing Meeting, February 3, 2010 was released to the Youtube website by the Association of Hunt Saboteurs Ireland. It was also distributed to all TDs as “evidence of the brutality” of hare coursing. The video begins with coursing footage from the National Meeting and ends with its subject matter, the “dying hare”.

The ICC completely and unreservedly condemns and rejects the claims of the video and most strongly denies the authenticity of the subject matter itself.

A second inspection of the video by ICC officials and members as well as IT and veterinary experts exposes it as a deliberately orchestrated effort to discredit the hare welfare policies and practices of the ICC.

Beside it being patently impossible for the “dying hare” portion to have taken place during the National Meeting, in several frames it most disturbingly reveals the hare is restrained by a wire around its neck (and possibly one limb), the wire then extending to the right of the hare, intermittently being pulled. It is also worth noting that the camera often pans to the left but never to the right, the direction from which the wire is coming from. This observation is supported by the fact that the hare’s head never moves from its original position in spite of convulsing and desperate attempts to free itself. The hare is highly likely to have been poisoned or partially sedated for effect.

The location and number of paddock stewards, staff, and 24 hour security personnel during the National Meeting make it virtually impossible for the “dying hare” portion of the video to have taken place at the claimed time, and there are numerous inconsistencies with the video. Differences in the quality of the video between the coursing footage and the “dying hare” footage are obvious, and the PA system background sound from the coursing portion is completely absent from the “dying hare” sequence. In addition, any further claims that this did take place during the National Meeting and the hare was not intentionally restrained are met with the hard fact that it was more important for the person with the camera to “get the shot” than try to relieve the hare’s suffering and seek the help of the on-site veterinarian or paddock stewards.

A break-in to the hare compound was discovered on a day previous to the National Meeting, and was reported to and is on record with the Gardai. The location of the damage to the fencing from the break-in is in immediate proximity to the angle of the camera and the direction from which the wire around the hares neck is being pulled.

Further claims of greyhounds breaking into the hare compound during the National Meeting are completely without basis, and these and other details point to people who will go to any lengths to achieve their aims and have no reservations whatsoever of sacrificing one hare to do so. It is a desperate and deplorable agenda. This is a shocking and disgraceful attempt to discredit the dedicated organising committee of the National Meeting and the ICC from a group of people who allege to oppose animal cruelty. Minister Gormley is notified of our findings, given he was provided this footage to investigate the matter. It is well documented how animal rights activists have “sacrificed” animals in the furtherance of their cause. It is worth noting that the alleged authors of this video are claimed to be Polish and therefore difficult to trace or interview; it is unusual at best that it took two months to “launch” their production on the unsuspecting public. The timing of the controlled release of this video was clearly designed to generate impact at an opportunistic time. These are the actions of treacherous people who will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda and must be exposed to the greater public, our elected representatives and the decent people of Ireland.

Legal counsel is being sought, and the video and all other supporting information will be left with the Gardai today, who have already been so notified of this serious matter of inflicted animal cruelty and trespass. Additional confidential evidence and detail will be provided to the Gardai to assist with their investigation. The targeted TDs and other government officials will also be so informed, and we encourage anyone with additional evidence or observations to contact the ICC immediately.


DJ Histon


Coursing Club

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 As many of you will have seen.........the Antis have produced a "new" Video professing to show a hare dying after being coursed at the Festival Meeting.

Looking at the video id like to make a few comments on it

here is a link to the video

Hare Video

During the festival meeting it would be impossible for anyone to video the pens...........there is extensive patrols to keep antis from sabotaging the meeting

The hares in the pen are not hares that have just been coursed...........If they were you would see new hares arriving into the pen every couple of minutes............there are none..........these are totally relaxed hares.

As every farmer will tell you............".where there's livestock there are dead stock"...........anyone that keeps animals will know that they die.  How this hare died is anyone's guess.  But always in the back of my mind is the fact that the anti groups have been responsible for many terrorist acts.

Do I think they are above harming a hare then throwing it into a pen to film...........not at all.............they will stop at nothing to get there way. INFACT .....I INVITE YOU ALL TO STUDY THIS VIDEO CLOSELY

there is a timer on the video.............when the footage gets to  2mins 45 sec it becomes very can see as the hare struggles it is infact tied by a thin piece of string around its neck....towards the right of the picture....THIS WILL NOT HAVE BEEN DONE BY A COURSING PERSON............irt is more the work of a terrorist!!

At the National Meeting hares that have been knocked by a dog will get put into a different pen than the hares that have run untouched.
This is so they are easier to check by a fact on at the start of the blog I do a feature on the facilities at Powerstown Park and it shows the two different gates that separate the pens

Id just like to refresh your minds about Clonmel Coursing

Once the hares go under the escape they go down the line and into a holding pen............this is about 16 foot by 8 foot and it is over looked by a manned hut.  It is this mans job to assess the hare for injury...........he then chooses which pen to release the hare into..........however if a hare arrives there badly injured it would be placed in a hare box and brought before a vet.

Heres a link to that feature

Great care is taken by all involved to see the hares are treated as humanely as possible............a hare that badly injured would not have made it all the way back to the paddocks!

The tour of Powerstown Park was written last August

Saturday, March 27, 2010


They came in there Hundreds and THOUSANDS..........between 6 and 8 thousand turned up for the RISE SIX Antis!!.......

Id just like to repeat.....that was SIX individual antis!..............and a Green Party that has 6 TDs voted in
Seems like there something in this 666 thing!!

It beggars belief that such a small minority can hold sway in a democratic society

The Rise ship is in the harbour!!

Ready for the off

A very large crowd marched down the quay and protested outside the Greens Convention..the good humoured Rise supporters laughed and joked at the band of 6 antis,   who were all that bothered to turn up to mount a "counter protest"

There were rallying speeches .....and talker of the day was  Gavin Duffy   from Dragons Den who amused a large crowd ............."We will dispose of Gormley........but we will do so in a environmental way"

And a story of how Mr Gormley asked the Ward Union Hunt if they could take the Stag out hunting on a "lead".......caused much amusement amongst a crowd that consisted of Farmers, Hunt people, Gun Clubs,  dog breeders.greyhound fact a mass of people with true knowledge of the was a shame that Mr Gormley sets himself above these people ..............good honest citizens and chooses instead to side with anarchist's.

Added to that there were the good people of  Waterford who had their own grievances against the Greens joining in!

Up to 5,000 people attended a pro-hunting demonstration at the Green Party's conference in Waterford.

Organisers from the Rural Ireland Says Enough (RISE) campaign claimed the Government was discriminating against country sports and warned it risked losing country seats in the next elections.

A spokesman said: "The Green Party have got their priorities totally wrong during a time of economic and unemployment crisis. Those are the priorities they should be focusing on and not something like hunting."

The demonstration was led by three riders from Waterford and three from the Ward Union Hunt in Meath and Dublin, which they claimed Green Party Environment Minister John Gormley wants to ban.

The spokesman said the Government would also be targeting gun clubs.

"Fianna Fail TDs need to realise what is being done in their name is a major attack on the lifestyle of the ordinary people in the countryside. They are trying to pick off our traditional sports one after another," he added.

There were groups from across Ireland in Waterford championing deer, stag, hare and fox hunting. Some waved banners proclaiming "John Gormless" and shouting similar taunts.

RISE claims to represent 300,000 rural field sports enthusiasts. It has been calling for amendments to the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill, opposes Minister Gormley's plan to ban the Ward Union Stag hunt and is concerned about the implications for farmers and sportsmen of the proposed Animal Health and Welfare Bill.

Taken from press associtation

Friday, March 26, 2010


Taken from the ICC website

Calling on all Coursing Club members, Coursing enthusiasts and Greyhound Breeders to participate in the R.I.S.E. march which takes place in Waterford this Saturday, March 27th . The march is being held to coincide with the Green Party national convention which takes place in Waterford also this weekend.

As officers and members of Coursing Clubs and as Greyhound Breeders you already fully comply with all the rules and regulations which are in place BUT for the Green Party this is not enough.

Now the Draft Dog Breeding Establishment Bill, the impending Animal Welfare Bill, the ban on the Ward Union Stag Union etc are real threats to our traditional rural field sports and to the greyhound industry at large.

Please join us behind the Irish Coursing Club banner in Waterford on Saturday morning and encourage as many of your club members and friends to do likewise. Now is the time to make our point.

Looking forward to meeting you there,

DJ Histon

CEO/ Secretary Irish Coursing Club.

Assemble opposite Dooleys Hotel, The Quay, Waterford from 11am.

March will begin at 12 noon.

If you require further information please contact Eugene Cooney 052 6188500

I would like to add...........

Anyone from the Thurles Clonmel area can hitch a free ride on the Coach organised by the Tipperary GOBA

It leaves from Thurles Car Park at will be stopping at Clonmel

I will be there ............with my camera!................


Here is a open letter to anyone reading this Blog .......who has no idea why the Greyhound Industry opposes the new Bill in its PRESENT FORM.


The Irish Coursing Club (ICC) is responsible for maintaining the Irish Greyhound Stud Book for all tattooed greyhounds. The Greyhound Industry is governed by the 1958 Greyhound Industry Act and this clearly sets out the responsibilities of the ICC under the auspices of the Department of Arts, Sport & Tourism (DAST).

The current draft of the Dog Breeding Bill is a result of the findings of a Working Group established in 2005 to examine puppy farming, a practice which attracted considerable unfavourable attention due to poor standards and lack of accountability/regulation. The greyhound industry representative on the working group submitted a comprehensive minority report outlining the rationale for certain exemptions for the greyhound industry.

The ICC is supportive of initiatives that enhance and support the welfare of animals in Ireland. The ICC is a member of the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB), Welfare Committee which promotes and proposes welfare measures that are appropriate for the industry. The ICC is a member of the International Greyhound Forum, a body established to promote the welfare requirements of the international greyhound industry. However we do not support a Bill that will create additional burden to greyhound owners and breeders, when the industry already has significant structures and controls in place to successfully manage this important area. The ICC cannot support additional cost being placed on greyhound owners/breeders as they already expend significant funds to assist in the management and promotion of the industry.

The ICC wishes to inform the elected representatives and senators with responsibility in approving enactment of this Bill of the serious impact this will have on the greyhound industry if ratified in its current format.

I have set out key points in relation to Draft Dog Breeding Bill:

1. In the Draft Memo to the Government it is stated Greyhounds will be exempted from micro chipping but in the Bill it does not state this fact. Greyhounds are tattooed since the inception of the Stud Book and this method of identification has served the industry well. The tattoo earmark is applied by Control Stewards, jointly appointed by the ICC and the IGB. Control Stewards conduct inspections of breeder’s premises each occasion a litter is born. They also conduct inspections of brood bitches prior to giving birth. This level of inspection ensures standards are maintained and the early detection of any welfare issues.

2. The Irish greyhound Stud Book is recognised worldwide for its integrity and has an additional layer of control by ensuring the DNA profiling of all stud dogs and brood bitches. This is not replicated by any other dog breed in Ireland. There is significant cost associated with maintaining this service and this is largely funded by the greyhound owners and breeders by the payment of registration fees.

3. The basis for determining a breeding establishment in relation to greyhounds is flawed:

(a) A trainer may have a number of bitches on his premises for the sole purposes of racing. He will be licensed by the IGB and on conclusion of their respective racing careers; the owner takes charge of his greyhound. The trainer is not managing greyhounds for the purposes of breeding

(b) A person rearing greyhounds will not be engaged in the activity of breeding and will return each greyhound when the greyhound reaches adult stage. This is clearly not a breeding establishment

(c) An owner may have a number of greyhounds for the purpose of racing/coursing and overtime the number of greyhounds will fluctuate due to the normal practice of selling and purchasing

(d) The IGB operates a licensed trainer register for both public and private trainers. They are subject to inspection by Stipendiary Stewards prior to approval by the Board. They are inspected on a continuous basis thereafter.

4. The ICC operates a register of all matings, litters born, adult greyhound named and transfer of ownerships completed. This is a comprehensive register of all activities associated with breeding.

5. All greyhounds are tattoo earmarked for identification purposes and in the event of a greyhound found straying the ICC can be contacted immediately to determine ownership details.

6. The limit of six litters per bitch is not reasonable or practical: The industry is dependent on stakeholders breeding brood bitches and in particular successful brood bitches. It is only the very successful broods that will be bred on more than six occasions. The responsible approach and one that exists currently, is for the owner and his/her vet to decide on the appropriateness or otherwise to breed from a bitch at a certain stage of her life cycle. This decision would be based on the health status of the bitch and could be signed off by the vet. The success of Irish breeding worldwide is a direct result of Government funding which has created a platform to develop racing infrastructure and sustain record prize money levels. To implement this Bill without due recognition of the greyhound industry will certainly undermine the very foundation of our sport/industry, by depleting the quality breeding stock that we have worked so hard to attain.

7. The requirement that a bitch may not be mated inside 12months from the previous litter is not workable. The season cycle of a bitch may vary and from a practical perspective; you may only be able to mate a bitch every two years because you fall inside the 12 month stipulation. This is impacting on the breeder to operate his breeding regime based on his brood bitches season cycle and by following advice from his vet.

The above are some of the key points to be considered. I would urge you to take note of the concerns currently detailed by the Greyhound Owner groups, as these are the people at the coalface and will be the first to experience the impact of this Bill.

Finally, there is a developed infrastructure currently in place which supports the regulation and control of the industry. The ICC operates a sophisticated registration system which tracks all matters relating to breeding and ownership of greyhounds and will continue to play its part in the implementation and policing of welfare standards for the industry. Any appropriate regulation should be introduced under the Greyhound Industry Act 1958.

Thankyou for taking the time to read it

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Adios Alonso

 Ive added a  FOR SALE page to the can advertise your pups free on there!!............just call me.

There are still a couple of places left on the Waterford Bus this Saturday...............dont miss out on your chance to stand up for the Greyhound Industry The Tipperary GOBA are organising a bus to take anyone wanting to attend the demonstration in Waterford next Saturday. The bus will travel from Thurles via Clonmel to Waterford.

The Tipp GOBA will pay for the bus and you do not have to be a GOBA member to go on the bus.

The demonstration is expected to begin at 11am and continue until 2pm.

Hopefully there will be a large number of greyhound people there. I believe that the hunts have organised buses too for their supporters.

It is important that this demonstration is very well attended to show the support that the RISE campaign has and the feeling of the majority against this bill.

Times and details of the bus are to be confirmed.

Anyone interested can contact any of the Tipp GOBA committee members.

Conor Power 086 6259640

Helen Laird 086 4041899

Geoff Bateman 085 7473524

Maurice Leahy 0872385282

Gil Pirlot 086 0802284

John Moyles 087 628 8286

And Finally

There still time to get your entry in

Adios Alonso Coursing Bred Open Unraced 330

For 36 Coursing Bred Greyhounds @ €25 each

Must be bred by recognised Coursing Sire

Winner €1,020 & Trophy

First Rd - Friday 9th & Saturday 10th April
ADIOS ALONSO will be parading at Kilkenny Track next Wednesday evening and I'm sure hell be making a appearance on Finals night at Thurles track too............get along and see this great dog


The semi Finals were run tonight, over the extended distance of 325 yds. Thomas Codd kept up his march to the finals with 4 qualifiers.

Faithlegg Matt leads parade

Cushie Theory is the sire of all of the Codds runners............out of 4 different broods!

 Draw for FINAL

COUSIN BECKY....1st heat 3 18.08

FRANEYS BALL..2nd heat 2

GOLDEN FLEECE...1st heat 2 ....18.20

CUSHIE STREAM....2nd ....heat3
CUSHIE HUGO.....1st heat 1....17.96

CUSHIE PIPER......2nd heat 1

The Final will be run next WEDNESDAY.............along with other finals.....come along to this Benifit evening

Im told our DERBY CHAMPION  .....ADIOS ALONSO will be on parade......

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The semi finals of the Erinstone Coursing Bred Unraced Stake get underway tonight at Kilkenny.

Its first two in each heat to qualify for the final so all runners need to be on there toes.

1) MARSHALS HEAVEN..... Distant Fields / Marshals Suzie Miss Emma Mai Roches

(2) CUSHIE HUGO...... Cushie Theory / Cushie Lark Mr. Thomas Codds

(3) CUSHIE PIPER...... Cushie Theory / Cushie Maz Mrs. Ruth Codds

(4) PRIDE RUNNER..... Court House / Rag Time Mr. Denis Fogartys

(5) CAVALCADE ......Matt Hyland / Moorstown Mona P Simpson/O Flahertys

(6) ABBY JACK...... Cushie Theory / Cushie Lark Mr. Joe Keanes

Second Semi Final

(1) TWO FOR TWO...... Bexhill Eoin / Longview Ciara Ms. Suzanne O'Neills

(2) DRIFTING SMOKE .....Tynwald Smokey / Drifting Swallow Mr. James Darcys

(3) GOLDEN FLEECE.... Multibet / Moat Elsa Miss Aidin Quilty/Master Mikey Cronins

(4) FRANEYS BALL.... Cushie Theory / Own Hair John Codd/James Dempseys

(5) MOHICAN DAISY..... Trajectory / Wrong Impression Margaret/Fiona Kellys

(6) BREEZER PATCH...... Judicial Affair / Mattina Miss Louise Whalls

Third Semi Final

(1) FAITHLEGG MATT.... Matt Hyland / Bourbawn Martin/Michael Morrissey

(2) BETTYS EOIN.... Bexhill Eoin / Bettys Beauty Mr Thomas Walshs

(3) CUSHIE STREAM.... Cushie Theory / Shelbourne Cream Mr. Thomas Codds

(4) COUSIN BECKY... Bexhill Eoin / Masita Mr. Oliver Fitzpatricks

(5) BRIGHT ENGINE.... Ashmore View / Why Tanyard Jane Hartys-bar-syndicates

(6) TINSLEY LIZZY ....Court House / Princess Grace Miss. India Walsh

There is also a A5 Stake sponsored by the Ballyragget and Freshford Coursing Club and Both these finals will be run off next Wednesday in a Benifit meeting so get yourself along there for  enjoyable evening supporting your local Coursing Clubs

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brats Delight update

Things have settled down in the nursery and the pups are getting along fine.   Brats is a great mother and does her puppies well.  Sadly we ended up loosing two pups in the first few days......but what we have are doing really well and have just started to feed from a bowl,

For the first week or so I use a flat trey as I find very young pups can get into these better

There are Six bitches and one dog

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Tipperary GOBA are organising a bus to take anyone wanting to attend the demonstration in Waterford next Saturday. The bus will travel from Thurles via Clonmel to Waterford.

The Tipp GOBA will pay for the bus and you do not have to be a GOBA member to go on the bus.

The demonstration is expected to begin at 11am and continue until 2pm.

Hopefully there will be a large number of greyhound people there. I believe that the hunts have organised buses too for their supporters.

It is important that this demonstration is very well attended to show the support that the RISE campaign has and the feeling of the majority against this bill.

Times and details of the bus are to be confirmed.

Anyone interested can contact any of the Tipp GOBA committee members.

Conor Power 086 6259640

Helen Laird 086 4041899

Geoff Bateman 085 7473524

Maurice Leahy 0872385282

Gil Pirlot 086 0802284

John Moyles 087 628 8286

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tune in

This Monday on Pat Kennys Frontline show  RTE 1 there will be a debate on the Dog Breeders Bill.

I understand that DJ Histon will represent the greyhound industry......and of course the other side will get there say...........

put the show in your diary


It seems all that is in the News and on the Internet is Anti Dog Properganda...........and the only side that seems to get a hearing are our friends the Greens and their mates the Antis.

The propsed  Dog Breeding Establishments Bill 2009.....will become established if we sit back and do nothing.

Its amazing in a free world how this man Gormley seems to Act like a Dictator

Let our voice be heard too........This Bill is designed to bring down the Greyhound Industry..........make no mistake about that! a last ditch attempt before the incompetent get thrown out of government!!

Don't sit back and let these people take away the life we enjoy...........The way this Bill is worded will destroy the small man with a few dogs.

Even if you have never bred a litter is possible you will come under this bill

Canvas your it now................Support your Sport at the Waterford Rally.

This is not about Coursing or the track...........its about a  Individuals rights to enjoy the life he chooses.

We must stand together

 We can shout as loud as the Greens!!

 Do it before its too late!

Click the link below to find out more


Thursday, March 18, 2010


The second round of the Coursing bred unraced went off at Kikenny tonight . Thomas Codd was in great form with a fine treble!!....with two more Cushie bred dogs going through on a qualifying place the Cushie breeding is all set to dominate this Stake.
Results......Heat 1
CUSHIE STREAM.... Cushie Theory / Shelbourne Cream
CAVALCADE...... Matt Hyland / Moorstown Mona
PRIDE RUNNER...... Court House / Rag Time
BRIGHT ENGINE..... Ashmore View / Why Tanyard Jane
LISLOOSE STAR...... Tullamore / Lisloose Light

16.69. 5L, nk, 1L, 2l, 0.5L

Heat 2
CUSHIE PIPER..... Cushie Theory / Cushie Maz
ABBY JACK........ Cushie Theory / Cushie Lark
MOHICAN DAISY .........Trajectory / Wrong Impression
STRIDE .........Matt Hyland / Carrick Candy
LONG STRIDE......... Ashmore View / Long Stream
WANT TIME...... Matt Hyland / Key Daisy

16.89, HD, 4.5, 1.5, 1L, 1L.

Heat 3

Faithlegg Matt.....doing his Day Jo
FAITHLEGG MATT Matt Hyland / Bourbawn Mar
TWO FOR TWO Bexhill Eoin / Longview Ciara
FRANEYS BALL Cushie Theory / Own Hair
TINSLEY LIZZY Court House / Princess Grace
MARWOOD LUCY Call Me Major / Marwood Type
MOCHICAN SAM Droopys Saunders / Wrong Impression
17.08, 2L, 1.5L, HD, 1.5, 1.5.

BETTYS EOIN....... Bexhill Eoin / Bettys Beauty
DRIFTING SMOKE...... Tynwald Smokey / Drifting Swallow
GOLDEN FLEECE...... Multibet / Moat Elsa
MARWOOD UNA......... Call Me Major / Marwood Type
PICK ONE QUICK..... Cillowen Harbour / Clodiagh Stun
Non Runner.. POTENTIAL FLYER Droopys Caesar / Siberian Sunset
16.84, 4L, 2.5, 3L, 0.5L

Heat 5

CUSHIE HUGO Cushie Theory / Cushie Lark
COUSIN BECKY Bexhill Eoin / Masita
MARSHALS HEAVEN Distant Fields / Marshals Suzie
BREEZER PATCH Judicial Affair / Mattina
CRUSHERS MAGIC Bar Time / Asata Sana
MARSHALS HEAVEN Distant Fields / Marshals Suzie

16.72, 1L, 2L, 1.5, 1L, 3L.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Pages

Ive just discovered how to post extra pages onto the blog.........yes I know its about time!!

Anyway .......Theres a page for Adverts for you all to use free of charge for your puppies ....all age dogs etc..........please contact me if you wish to be included.

I can also included a Stud Dog page.............perhaps stud keepers would like to use this at a small yearly charge to help keep this blog afloat...........The expenses to do the blog are considerable through the season and every little helps

If you enjoy the blog please support it..........Thankyou

Suggestions welcome as to how to improve the blog are welcome

Dont  forget to Attend the RISE RALLY............saturday 27th March..........Waterford Quay  11.00

  Let the Greens know exactly how you feel!!


Its sad to think we will never see this marvelous dog run again............He must be everyones favourite.

I popped into see him last week and hes truely settled into his new home.  Once let out of his kennel he zoomed down the passage straight to where he mates his we know hes enjoying his new job.

This fella will be a huge hit with the ladies.............those looking for guts , pace and stamina in their lines need look no further............Sandy has it all.............all from a bitch line that is taking Coursing by storm at the moment.......Ardnalee Laura

A lifetime total of 43 wins from 48 courses...........all in top class company .

Irish Cup Winner

Kingdom Cup Winner

North Kerry Cup

AllAged Abbeyfearle

Runner Up Derby

Runner Up Champion Stakes

To Book Sandy Sea Newpark Stud  0872549554  / 0526135200

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Taken from the ICC website.............a large turnout will be needed to show how stongly we feel.........PLEASE.........let all your friends know about this Demo...........

It cannot be stressed how at risk our way of life is by this Party and the madcap Bill they are trying to enforce..........I urge you to take this chance to show how we feel.

RISE! Demo in Waterford on Saturday, 27th March

Supporters of the RISE! campaign will hold a demo in Waterford City on Saturday 27th March to coincide with the Green Party national convention and we would welcome your support.

The demo will assemble at 11.00 a.m. in the public car park opposite Dooleys Hotel on the Quay and will proceed from there at 12 Noon to the Tower Hotel, on the Mall, where there will be a platform and a number of short speeches.

The demo is expected to end around 2.00 pm.

Supporters are encouraged to travel to the demo in groups by coach or minibus or to avail of public transport by Irish Rail or Bus Eireann. Each representative group should bring their own identifying banner or poster.

Parking will be available at the following locations, but you should allow enough time to get from them to the demo assembly point by 11.00 a.m

*Kilcohan Park Greyhound Stadium.

*Regional Sports Centre, on the Cork Road (space for 500 cars).

*Ballinamona Equestrian Centre on the Old Tramore Road (coaches or cars).

Updates will be given as and when any further arrangements are finalised.


ILL BE THERE............Hope to see you there with all your friends and family

keep intouch with the RISE DEMO on this site


Saturday, March 13, 2010


Took a trip to Newpark Stud yesterday to see Castle Pines and Sandy Sea............two super dogs that are worth a go with  if you have a suitable bitch

Castle Pines has thrown some real stars.........Castlemartyr..............a Irish Cup winner,  Siena Steele,............who never got the best of luck but was up there with the best on his day
                             This year he had around seven Trial Stake winners............from a limited crop.  Toners Girl looked like giving the Select Bitch at the Irish Cup a good shake up.

another bitch pup that caught my eye .........only a May pup was Runaway Abbey.........both could go well in cups next year.

A truely lovely dog with a great temperament

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Theres a Amazing turnout for the Coursing Bred Stake that Kicks off at Kilkenny Tommorow evening

heres the card..........RACE CARD

Names you will all know from the field...............Catunda Ashmore.....Beck Row Hyland,  ....Crushers Magic.............Faithlegg Matt........long Stride..........High St Issue..........The list goes on

Looks a great Competion

Catunda Ashmore at the Irish Cup

And theres time to get your entries in for the ......



Adios Alonso Coursing Bred Open Unraced 330

For 36 Coursing Bred Greyhounds @ €25 each

Must be bred by recognised Coursing Sire

Winner €1,020 & Trophy

First Rd - Friday 9th & Saturday 10th April


Daniel Monk

General Manager

Thurles Greyhound Stadium

Tel: 0504 21003

Fax: 0504 26009



At long last we have good news about Coursing in the Press...........I doo wish they would mention that though the antis turn up...........they do so after the crowds are inside the track .  The 20,000 coursing supporters are then unaware that there are SIX protesters outside!!!

amazing that SIX protesters  can get news coverage.

Click on Irish Times below to see the slide show

Irish Times

And Dont forget to Go to Kilkenny Track tommorow evening where the first round of the

ENSTONE COURSING BRED STAKE  gets underway............its for 60 coursing bred dogs and I understand it was over subscribed!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


As its nearly the end of the season I thought I might do a little bit on my brood ,Brats Delight. She has been mated by Bexhill Eoin and is due to whelp in Febuary

 Brats Delight is by Cillowen Harbour out of Howtheylineup. .....who is out of Tullamores dam
Brats brother is the TA Morris winner, Drumbane Rock..............I bought her from Dinny Ryan after seeing her run up in a TS at Cashel,  We then won a TS at Rathdowney with her.  A cough , ten days before Clonmel put paid to any chance of running well there.

She has a year old litter to Droopys Saunders.....and like all puppies they look nice

Im pleased to say she whelped her litter safely on Friday and mother and pups are doing well


Sorry everyone for the delay Broardband Modem has been playing up all week...........allowing me on the net but not letting me upload photos consistantly

Finally it died completly.............modem MK2 was a complete pig yesterday ......but its woken in a better mood today and seems to be hopefully ill get to grips with the Irish Cup

Thursday, March 4, 2010


taken from the IMFA Website............theres plenty on there to think about

First They Came ...
First they came first for the Mink Farmers, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Mink Farmer.
Then they came for the Research Scientists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Research Scientist.
Then they came for the Zookeepers and circus animal trainers, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a zookeeper or circus animal trainer.
Then they came for the Cat Owners, and I didn't speak up because I was a Dog Owner.
Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.

By Jazmyn Concolor, National Alternative Pet Association (US), after Martin Niemoeller, German Lutheran pastor

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Before I get to talking about dogs Id just like to thank the Committee and Working Members of Limerick CC for the welcome and help they have given me over the last couple of weeks.

I have hounded them with visits in order to get photos of hares and their management, covered their trial session and back again to see the dismantling of the grounds and the release of the hares.  Added to that they went out of there way to assist me at the meeting itself...........I am extremely grateful.

"Now where have they put that bucket of oats"

It was a education to see the high level of hare husbandry and the respect and care they have in handling their hares. 

It was interesting to see one hare "escape" onto the racecourse only to make his way straight back to the hare pens.....waiting to be let back in!!

Free Willys bid to escape

goes to plan as he crosses the melling road.....the fence is dismantled and hes got a clear road to freedom

I was amazed when he turned right to go back up the run that leads to the pens
It seems life in the pens can't be as bad as the "antis" think!! 
In fact.....No animal would head back to a pen unless it considered it to be a "safe haven"

Elaine Guiney with Party Jay Cee
Hes recovering well from his hunt

Irish Cup meeting results


Lillian and Mairead Sheenan
John Barrett and Conor  Sheenan

R-up: Kerry Call

When Bexhill Brian went to slips with Kerry Call it was always going to be a great final ......and each way , a good storey behind the winner..........Irelands two top trainers going head to head. This was Brendan Matthews 6th Irish Cup.........but I understand his first at Greenmount.

We had two fine coursing dogs in slips for the Final ,  and they put forward a great buckle.  The young Kerry Call (may pup) lead the way with Bexhill Brian ready to deliver his late was coursing at its most exciting
It will be hard to find two more determined runners........both fine dogs for driving a hare.......but Brian came through where it mattered most ,to take the turn.


This victory must seal Greyhound of The Year for Bexhill Brian , whos had a great season for his owners Conor Sheehan and John Barrett..........and his Newry based trainer Brendon Matthews.   Watching him walk back to the vans after every course , I must say he looked a tired dog. But this just proved the effort he put into every course.  His power of recovery is immense.........and the same can be said for last years winner Sandy Sea.
Vacume Honey 
Bred in Co Cork by Dermott O`Sullivan..........from Bexhill Eoins first crop,  out of Vacume Honey.
Honey  is a  3 x 4 of that great brood Safety Leader.  being by Hilltown out of Lady Vacume, she  won a TS at Enniscorthy and was also a winner of two Bitch Stakes.......shes a fine selection of Trial Stake winners to her credit .....two TS winners from her Matt Hyland litter this year, Vacume Hyland and Fealesuir Johnny
 Tomas Shields, Susan McCarthy Dermot O`Sullivan, (breeder)Julie O`Sullivan, Adam Matthews. Nial Conlon

Bexhill Brians Nominator .....Christy Murphy receives his trophy from Bill Burke
You can enjoy Christys hospitality at the Cu Chulainn Bar in Nearby Patrickswell 
where hes the publican

Bexhill Brian will make a great addition to the Stud team up in Townsview Kennels..........a pedigree to die for,  im sure Brian will now be popular with the ladies.


First round win against Dale Indecisive

When Sandy Sea went out on the first day many will have thought Pa`s challenge was gone! Added to that ,his two other runners were drawn together in the first round.........The battle of the brothers........Kerry Calling and Kerry call was a close thing with Call `coming with a late run to get the flag.
Kerry Calls first round battle with Kerry Calling 

And again with High and Mighty in the Quarters

You couldn't fail to be impressed with this May puppy,  he improved with every round and was as brave as a lion.     What a Mighty pair of Cup dogs for next year these two brothers will be.

quarter finals with Dougal Town 

Runner up Kerry Call is by Janey Mac Aroo out of Patsy Byrnes Call Up, herself a Grace Burton winner in 2007, ........Her first litter by Musical Time produced Castleisland.  She is another good brood from the Safety Leader line , this time through Lincolns Rose, Oaks winner in 1991..

Kerry Call is owned by the Patsy Byrne, Billy O`Toole and Pa Fitzgerald

Outstanding performance by this very young pup, on testing conditions
Pa will have his eye on next years Gold Cup!!

winning conections

Semi Finalists

Seen here is Dougal Town......he ran a great Irish Cup.............handled by Donal Leahy

and the very unlucky Party Jay Cee............a very hard hunt in the quarters robbed him of a chance to go further

seen here with Oilean Fantasy

This says it all really!

Some great performances were put up by puppies.........these fellas got to the quarter finals leaving there owners dreaming of a great Cup year

Beyond Kilimer

Kyle Basil

Carrowkeal Wally


R-up: Quality And Dash

If ever there was a case for patience .....this stake is a fine example.....

Kalanova is a Nov07 whelp from Oaks winner Quality and Golds first litter............unable to run in her puppy year as she was too young, Kalanova turned out for this Stake with still only 4 runs to her credit.
She was on the board at 20/1...........before the off

Trained in the North by Laurence Jones  and jointly owned with his brother Brian.....a excellent training performance.

Kalanova and Enjoythesunshine

Over the 2 days this lady put in some mighty runs,  to put out top quality bitches...........a glance at her breeding showed she is bred to take a big stake.  By Stud Dog of the year Bexhill Eoin out of Oaks winner Quality and Gold..........she is everything you could hope for from those lines.  Buckle of the stake came from her semi final run with Champion bitch Cleanaway Smurf. 

a great buckle with Grace Burton winner Cleanaway Smurf

against Ashwood Dee

winning the final

Breda Mann presents trophy to owner Brian Jones,  Michael Mann presents nominator Michael Reidy with his trophy

Breeders , Catherine and Seamus O`Meara must be hugely proud of the way their broods have performed this year...........being responsible for both finalists in this stake.........from two different broods..........ontop of countless TS winners.........another Oaks and a Derby runner up.

Quality and Dash was in tremendous form for this final meeting, a nigling injury midway through the season put her back in her work for Clonmel...........she showed her worth in this stake

Quality and Dash is trained and owned by her breeders, the OMeara family

Quality and Dash v  By Mistake in the quarters

Cleanaway Smurf  v Jardin Del Mar

Semi finalist Toners Girl

R-up: Carrigmore Heart

I saw Kerry Calling win his qualifier at Limerick City and was so impressed I put 10 euros at 30/1 on him to win the Derby.  Things never went to plan there but I was pleased to see him confirm that running here at this meeting

When Litter brothers Kerry Calling and Kerry Call met in the first round it was very close between the two..........the form of both was franked by the final day results...........a great training performance, by Pa Fitzgerald  saw the two young pups run right up to the top of their form.

Kerry Calling and Jacks Navigator

The one thing that stands out with both these pups is their game, commited way of running, it will stand them in good stead in their Cup year

Semi Final with Gallys Bridgre
The Final

Runner up in the Purse was Carrigmore Heart who is owned trained and bred by Patsy and Aoife Coffey from Doon...........They must have been proud of his fine performance over the weekend...........Nominated by Pat Dalton

By Carrigmore Becks out of Fast Loser, he won his TS at Sevenhouses last season and has given connections great fun in Cups this year,  winning a Cup at South Clare and running up at Ardpatrick

Carrigmore Heart

taking the flag from Marcroney Caesar

working the hare in the final

Carrigmore Heart
Others running well

Gallys Bridge and Jiving Rythm
semi finalist Duarigle Alstar

Quarter finalists

Marcroney Caesar

Likely Treble

Kildonogue Billy


R-up: Lisloose Eoin

Another who met his kennel mate in the first round of the Cup...........and going on to win his Final
.Won his trial Stake in Cashel in fine style, Moot Point, trained by Micheal O Donovan`is owned , nominated and also bred by Sir Mark Prescott

Moot Point
Just loosing out to kennelmate Serene Digital in Cup

By Matt Hyland out of Miss Preston...........Miss Preston is a daughter of Ardnalee Laura making her a sister of  Oaks dividers Chubbys Accord ans Qualityandgold

The Final

Lisloose Eoin
Runner up Lisloose Eoin was unlucky enough to meet Bexhill Brian in the second round.........once in the Plate he put up some super runs untill the Final where he ran way below his form
A great dog in the making and I hope he comes out next year in fighting form

Lisloose Eoin and Prevelance

semi finalists

Banna Joker

Eshwary Brea

Eshwary Brea and Stiff test
Catunda Ashmore

Wake Up Rascal


Bridey and Brian Moore
Small Bit Gone
R-up: Moorstown Mia

Small Bit Gone may have been a rank outsider but he never knew the odds as he made his way through this stake.  Just a may puppy, its often the case that these young pups come on in leaps towards the end of the season.  Small Bit Gone gave trainer Brendon Moore a nice win for owner  Patrick Martin.   He was a runner up in the Galbally Working members this year

taking the turn in the semi final with Brave Hurcules

Another winner for Bexhill Eoin.............This time out of Windfarm Lady whos from the
Goon the Mac line .....Beyond Kilimer and Silent Echo both being close relations

the Final

Moorstown mia with Toome Ban

Moorstown Mia RU

Brave Hurcules and Baby Daddy Cool


R-up: Savings Aughrim

Kilty Wazzer and Killeagh Harry in semi Final

The final

Finalist Savings Aughrim