Monday, February 1, 2010


A large crowed turned out for the Ladies International meeting today but sadly frost in the ground made it impossible to course

But for the frozen ground it was a perfect day with bright sunshine and a happy crowd looking forward to the Festival to come

People have traveled from all over the world to watch this  weeks Championship meeting in Clonmel

Patrick and Jimmy Brannan from The Shorts in Scotland
This is young Patricks first visit to Clonmel 

Lilian Peterson and  My Leffler from Sweden

Vacume Electric from Ireland

Tomas Mika from Germany

Lauren Faul from Co Cork 

and the man in the hat comes from Northern Ireand!! 

Dogs were rubbed 

we had a judge and a slipper 

we had prices 

 There was a holiday mood

Owen with Call the Fixer


But as time ticked by the frost was still in the gound 

sensibly owners decided not to risk the dogs 

So we all went home 

So Good Luck to everyone with a runner this week
May your hounds come home sound and well and run there best