Friday, October 2, 2009

GLIN DERBY TS 1st Day Survivors

Ballys Bridge
Brazing Serpent

Blackboy Jack

Captain Dru
Wallace Star

Stiff Test

March is On
Melodys Best

Mucky Eamonn
Shannonvale Mett

Wise Todd
Rathmore Pines

Faithlegg Matt
I Saw Something


I can supply a 5 month Coursing Calendar..........a month a page.(or as many pages as you wish).........with the meetings of your choice printed under dates and Photos of your choice in heading.  This can be of your own dog or any photos ive taken.  I can of course take photos of yourself with your dog at the meetings.
Each page is A4 in size and the price per page is 3 euros

 If you interested please ring/ text or see me at a meeting............this will make a great momento if you win a TS.........with a mixture of Action photos of your dog and presentation photos