Monday, September 14, 2009

The Irish Hare (Lepus Timidus Hibernicus)

The Hare is one of Irelands longest established mammals. It is a sub-species of the mountain hare. This will explain why the odd white hares are found. Its average weight is 7.7lb and can run at speeds up to 30 miles per hour.
It is seldom seen in daylight....unless flushed. And appears more placid in nature than the Brown Hare. It has the ability to survive on many types of habitats. It will spend the day hidden in cover then venture out to graze at dusk.

It is estimated that one family of foxes can kill upward of 30 adult hares a year! It is also said that Badgers.....who are on the increase (i saw 8 dead badgers on the road sunday) are responsible for the deaths of many leverets.

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10 September 2009

Minister extends measures to protect Irish Hare

Environment Minister Edwin Poots is proposing to renew the temporary ban on the killing, taking, sale, or purchase of Irish Hares.
Picture of an Irish HareThe proposal is to introduce a special protection order under the Game Preservation Act (NI) 1928, for the period December 1st 2009 to August 11th 2010, which includes the 'close season' for hunting hares.

Recent results from the 2009 Northern Ireland Irish hare survey have shown that there are approximately 27,400 hares in Northern Ireland.

Speaking today the Minister said: “The conservation mechanisms that my department has put in place are bearing fruit and the number of Irish Hares is being sustained.

“However, until all data from the surveys undertaken so far can be analysed in 2010, I believe that there is a need for continued temporary protection. Therefore I am proposing that a new Special Protection Order should be made.”

What a shame the Minister cannot grasp the fact that the best protection he can give the hare is to allow Coursing. Who else is to protect the hare , but the people who value the countryside and its pursuits
Sevenhouses White Hare 08

White Hare at Borris in Ossory 08