Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kennel Visit to Paudie Lyons

Its been a while since my last kennel visit so I was delighted when Paudie Lyons allowed me to see his impressive kennels.
  A huge amount of thought has gone into the layout . Paudie started with a blank canvas and the work was carried out by himself.   It must be a pleasure to work there knowing yourself and the dogs are well sheltered from the Irish weather.

Just a trot down he road from Lixnaw Field, with so many Coursing Clubs just a 20 min drive the perfect place for a Coursing only set up.

Paudie and Ava with all age contenders Count Belle
and Wiseguy Mark

When I arrived just before lunch most of the 20 or so dogs had been up the gallop, which I must say is very impressive.   The going is perfect with great cover....a nice peat pull up on a  rise.
The whole gallop has a watering system that recycles water used in the swimming pool.

There also a excellent lure system on hand if needed. 

Helper for the day was Evean O`Connor along with Ava and owner
Ally OConnor making up the rest of the team.

The lure feeds into the gate post....under ground to the
hut that houses the watering system and lure drive.
The Drive switch in a small housing on the Gallop

Ally picking up

View of the yard before completion

The yard is well laid out with feed room, kennels , covered turnout and 
circular walker all under one roof ,with outdoor runs joining.

Paudie has a good selection of pups for this that took my eye was
Wiseguy Sam , but the kennels has plenty to look forward too .

Heated swimming pool

covered run

Pups are being reared on large paddocks with a great cover of grass

Ava and Evean gallop the Mafi Magic x Turning Pace pups

Ava with the Crafty Gonzalo

Goodbye from Jack

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