Sunday, February 7, 2016


 What can we say other than what a fabulous show, Coursing is in great hands at the moment.....
and watching it progress at Powerstown Park has been a real pleasure.....Every year brings more improvements and everyone geared towards the well being and protection of the Hare!


I salute you! Mighty stuff

Slipping and judging was superb and the field in amazing order

BoyleSports Derby

Coolavaney Bingo with owner / trainer Noel Browne

Razor Ashmore x Newinn Allin
Coolavanny Bingo romped away with what ended up a thrilling Derby, a very close field being sorted out with a few hunts on fabuloius hares. A fantasticly bred dog out of Newinn Allin whos making a habit of throwing Classic winners  ( Thomas the Tank ...Derby, Newinn Wonder,...Irish Cup, Tobar Na Molt......Grace Bruton. ). Making breeders Shari-anne and Jim O`donnell very happy indeed.

I saw Bingo win his qualifier in Bandon the same day Black Barracuda took the Mitchelstown ticket....making Bandon a very proud Club to see quality dogs come from their field

Horse & Jockey Hotel Oaks

Grace Bruton Champion Bitch

Kevin Smith Champion Dog

Dublin Coach Kitty Butler

Stockproof Fencing TA Morris