Sunday, February 22, 2015



Annual Assembley v Whatdoyoufancy
Ashwood Alonso v Pandemonium
Kyle Bruce v Shyan Jonboy
Positive Timing v Kyle Fionn
Viva Bobbyjo v Woodpark Alonso
Ramona Misty v Fingal Master
Power Of Peace v Central Curator
Black And White v Inch Hothead
Floating Patriot v Needham Work
Needham Simple v Cuine Gift
Blueview Charlie v Blazing Music
Carrowkeal Gavin v Alleyesonus
Crafty Tornado v Boynepark Conor
Tullamoy Master v Broadwell James
Tynwald Ash v Make Peace
Kyle Roger v Lineroad Amigo
Killeagh Jingles v Brownes Kitchen
Galbally Echo v Serene Angel
Mafi Magician v Dealbhna Mor
District Twelve v Avenue Ranger
Silver Maxi v Cash Call
Fingal Billy v Call Up Pal
Maker Of Rules v Corriga Rebel
Game Mikey v Skellig Sunlight
Tromora Master v Duarigle Mystic
Hotspot v Derrylough Henry
Blades of Hope v Bedford Banker
Dale Pinocchio v Newinn Glory
Crafty Who v In The Centre
Bernish Jet v Sheeraghs Lad
Bunnow Hulahul v With Grim Intent
Crushers Oak v Downtown James
A- Madtogoagain
B- Skylord
C- Blueview Sanual
D- Geordie Casanova
E- Cill Ide Riocht

2015 Patsy Byrne Select All Age Bitch Stake

Nominator Bitch V's Nominator Bitch
Tuscan Flavour (p) v Druncrow Beca (p)
Winter Mountain v Smart Sadie
Long Drive (p) v Ocean Hannalora

Two Steps Closer (p) v Crossbound (p)
Red Haired Mary v Princess Suzie
Windfarm Ivy (p) v Knockout Kate
Game Dizzy v Split Decision

Hows she goin v Derramore Star (p)
Maggie Dan v Dale Asgard (p)
Outcast Snowie (p) v Sequin (p)
Manntan Maple (p) v Ougham Ellen (p)

Crohane View v Coffee In Spirit (p)
Annual Edition (p) v Battstreet Judy (p)
Brickfield Sky v Boshski (p)
Avas Sweetheart (p) v Lochbo Vicky
Careful Betty v Daythemusicdied (p)
Fanore Ocean c Nidge Weasel
Leavesinthewind d Dublinfourdasher

2015 Cuine Syndicate Puppy Stake 

Cooga Hero 2 Ballyvaughan 
Official Adviser 4 Breska Royal 
Master of Dreams 6 Beef Budget 
Dale Loki 8 Smearla Central

res A Marshals Adio B Luath Ranger

2015 Earl Of Dunraven Kilgobbin Dog Puppy Stake 

1 Annual Exchange 2 Kingcormac Fairy 
3 Foot Solution 4 Adios King 
5 Not caught Yet 6 Rory for Glory 
7 Tullow Tank 8 Seamus Alainn 
9 Leg It Fast 10 Abbey Hill 
11 Killeagh Silver 12 At All Times 
13 Kyle Prince 14 Tynwald Wayne 
15 Downton Serbhe 16 Time James
A Tower King B Aghaburren Mafi 
C Corriga Strawman D Judiligence

2015 Cuchulainn Bar Bitch Puppy Stake

Carrowclough 2 Isnt She Magic
Taghrooda 4 Droopys Marina
La Banba 6 Cuine Alone
So Long Honey 8 Foxhollow Tango
Shanavulin Suzie B Lahard Frankie

 2015 Kyle James Champion Working Members Stake 

1 Echo Camaro (b)v 2 Coldwood Cheryl (b) 
3 Doonmore Duchess (b) 4 Smart Kid 
5 Confused Jake 6 Flashy Brian 
7 Carrowkeal Jonjo 8 Tadys Bar 
9 Frenchfort Tom 10 Country Man 
11 Summerfield Mile 12 Take A Hike 
13 Up The Dines 14 Juniormax 
15 Pushingnshoving 16 Best Part

Start each day 11.30am


Before Break

First round of Irish Cup + reserves in cup

After Break

First round Patsy Byrne All Aged Bitch Stake

First round Earl of Dunraven Kilgobbin Dog Puppy Stake

First round Kyle James Champion Working Members Stake


Before Break

Second Round Irish Cup

First Round Woodlands House Hotel Irish Purse

After Break

Third round Irish Cup

Second round Patsy Byrne All Aged Bitch Stake

Second round Woodlands House Hotel Irish Purse

First Round Bill Chawke Irish Plate


Before Break

Second round Kyle James Champion Working Members stake

First round Cu Chulainn Bar Bitch Puppy

First round Cuine Syndicate Surplus Dog Puppy

Second round Earl of Dunraven Kilgobbin Dog Puppy

Third round Patsy Byrne All Aged Bitch Stake

Third round Woodlands House Hotel Irish Purse

Second round Bill Chawke Irish Plate

Fourth round Irish Cup

Interval and complete card