Friday, February 22, 2013

IRISH CUP day one

First Day Survivors and prices

We had a good days coursing today at Patrickswell.....a few upsets but in the main the Clonmel form stood up well

You can see a few pictures from the first day here.......CLICK HERE

Fives Treasure
Fastest up the field on the first day

Skellig Sunrise showed great pace

Best Clocks:
Fives Treasure 10.84
Skellig Sunrise 10.89
Killimor Matey 10.89
Lucan Twilight 10.92
Intacta Banba 10.93
Fingal Raptor 10.96
India Rio 10.97
Dale Pinocchio 10.97
Wilton Magic 10.97


4/1 Newinn Wonder;
6/1 Arise Sir Alex, Fives Treasure, Hopes and Dreams, Killimor Matey;
8/1 Lucan Twilight, Skellig Sunrise;
10/1 Windfarm Hill, Cuine Boy, Droopys Bestie, Dale Pinocchio;
12/1 Intacta Banba, Make Peace, Catrionas Joy;
14/1 Bar


2 : HATHER FOR DA Ballymac Maeve ex Culmore Gift
3 : ARISE SIR ALEX Bexhill Eoin ex Minor Tynwald

RES (A) WINDFARM HILL Adios Alonso ex Beyond Tivoli
8 : TRAFFORD WAY Murtys Gang ex Tipsy Woman

9 : CUINE BOY Kyle James ex Garbally Glory
12 : INDIA RIO Tynwald Smokey ex Uptown Smurf

13 : INTACTA BANBA Mafi Magic ex Bambas Hawkeye
15 : COLOSSAL IMPACT Kyle James ex Cillowen Gra
18 : NEWINN WONDER Razor Ashmore ex Newinn All In
20 : SKELLIG SUNRISE Mafi Magic ex Skellig Beag

21 : FOXHILL MICK Tullamore ex Megan Be Nice
24 : DROOPYS BESTIE Droopys Saunders ex Bower Sign

25 : SPRUCE BOLT Adios Alonso ex Spruce Rio
27 : POCKETROCKETBEN Kyle James ex Ashwood Dee

RES (B) MAKE PEACE Mafi Magic ex Mountain Guest
31 : BALLYVERRY JOHN Mafi Magic ex Mountain Guest
33 : ASHMORE SAMBO Bexhill Eoin ex Carrick Sam
35 : FIVES TREASURE Wallace Green ex Daltons Heresay

37 : VACUME COOL DUDE Bexhill Eoin ex Vacume Blonde
39 : DALE PINOCCHIO Adios Alonso ex Dale Andretti

41 : KYLE TANYARD Kyle James ex Tanyard Beauty
44 : LUCAN TWILIGHT Adios Alonso ex Lucan Glory

46 : FINGAL RAPTOR Bexhill Eoin ex Fingal Swagger
47 : WILTON MAGIC Mafi Magic ex Mountain Guest
50 : BARROW SAUNDERS Droopys Saunders ex Barrow Magic
52 : CARRICKTOBIN LAD Kingsmill Dynamo ex Hollyoak Pegasus

53 : HOPES AND DREAMS Bexhill Eoin ex Chubbys Accord
55 : KYLE DIXIE Kyle James ex Dixie Darlin

58 : GO ON SLOGAN Murtys Blaze ex Chubbys Excel
59 : CATRIONAS JOY Razor Ashmore ex Lils Glory

61 : KILLIMOR MATEY Bexhill Eoin ex Graigue Cascade
63 : UNDULATING GREEN Wallace Green ex Daltons Heresay

54 : BLUEBIRD RAZOR Razor Ashmore ex Carrick Candy
16 : CHERRYGROVE BOLT Tynwald Smokey ex Uptown Smurf

19 : BYTHEWINDSAILOR Bexhill Eoin ex Speckled Wood
62 : TILFORD TOM Adios Alonso ex Whitestone River
11 : BRIDEWELL KIERAN Bexhill Eoin ex Bridewell Rose
56 : SKELLIG WAY Mafi Magic ex Skellig Beag

17 : CUINE SAM Mafi Magic ex Skellig Mania
28 : KINGSMILL LARCH Kingsmill Dynamo ex Larchill Lil
36 : KINGDOM CALL Janey Mac Aroo ex Call Up
45 : KYLE GAISCE Bexhill Eoin ex Rith Gan Gaisce

14 : BRANNIG RIOROYAL Tynwald Smokey ex Leigh Shady
42 : CUDDLY MAN Johnny Casanova ex Maughera Times

32 : HUNTERS GLORY Razor Ashmore ex Miss Candy Floss
57 : COMMON BLUE Bexhill Eoin ex Speckled Wood