Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 Sorry im so slow theres over 4000 photos to go getting there

In the mean time here is a nice poem penned by a great coursing supporter whos too shy to be named.....but I thank him

ill just add photos

                                            The Morning of the Final Day  

The national meeting is well under way

The owners from all corners have all had their say

64 started out, we re now down to eight

the winners decided by small twists of fate

Or sheer pace and guts with heart all the more

important than line crosses, trainers or what’s up on the boards

But before they re lauded, there's been only one star of the show

Our little furry friend makes our hearts trip to their go

Two hounds, 200 odd pounds, charging 40k per hour

You fear for the little puss, skipping casually along

Run puss, get it moving, get on your way

you ll murder the dogs or you may not see another day


Now pounding, now tearing, they close in on the charge

No panic, no worries, he skips deftly aside, from the large

clumsy greyhounds, who slam on the brakes

and turn just as smoothly as a train being derailed

puss knew all along, the lumbering hounds

have little upstairs, no match on the ground

now twisting, now turning, sending the dogs left and right

or slipping between, flipping this menacing sight

into two harmless puppets, dizzily toyed on a thread

Was our little master cheekily taunting them, before to escape he has fled

But this ancient and glorious spectacle, is no mere accident of nature

just thank the working members knowledge, and judgement of the slipper

We re down to the last day, the tension’s sky high

the nerves of the owner, the bookies prices right?

The bitches a mystery, all showing good form

None out standing, all standing up, to that tough testing ground

It ll be a test of stamina, of handling, of toughness, of luck

And with a gold cup winning stable there, well that's one thing they won't be stuck

For, they could be just very lucky, they could be very good

But their record is something! you couldn't challenge, even if you would

And its not old fashioned begrudgery, its simply human nature

To will instead that it is some small doggy man smiling for the pictures

The Derby equally beguiling, can u trust those damn clocks

Though one in particular caused the crowd to expel an audible gasp

kyle leigh without even a gamble still a favorite from early

yet its a wide open derby with many still a worry

Cos the big hitters after some struggles are here where it counts

The Wee maestro from the north what a challenge he mounts

His big one in the top half could be the Fields main danger

Down in the bottom there s a long striding forest ranger

Or will there be a hero inside? and will he have a big say?

Or it could be the one not talked about til the end of day?

What about Holian who started with two in 02, in 13 he has thirteen

How many will he have in by the end of the millennium?

They talk of his fallers and his short priced oaks favourites

But is it 6 dogs on final day? now that s no mean achievement

The draw wasn't kind, it did him no favours

His two in the champion stakes the buckle of the meeting

Then to see one go down, in near tragic circumstances

Had grown men worried, throwing each other furtive glances

And there’s a trainer known for courting controversy never far from the story

5g allegedly the big gamble whimpered out of the derby

The resources of some frightening those on an average wage

but all things being equal when those dogs take to the stage

All the cash in the world wont get them up the long stretch

no more than the ability that each dog brings to the test

At this stage its anticipation, wild speculation and just a bit of friendly banter

And when the winners coast in, to win in a canter

We ll say we saw it coming, sure we knew all along

We ll say how easy it was, sure he was bought for a song

And we ll look at the breeding and see in our own cross, a line that ll give us all hope

Next Year! we won't just qualify, we ll be parading the long walk for that cup

And we ll go home happy to the kennel to feed next years Derby or Oaks favorite