Thursday, April 22, 2010


I spent yesterday at the Punchestown Festival......On the ICC   PR stand. ,  It got alot of interest from the public and the Stand looked lovely as it was full of Marion Heyes paintings of Coursing a couple of large screen teles.  One showing the Festival Meeting.........Un edited,  so that people could see EXACTLY what goes on at a coursing meeting!.....

It was heart warming .....coming in the midst of this current attack by a few looney antis confirm that the general public have no objection at all to Coursing.  People constantly stopped to look at the Video and it was common to hear them mutter to each other ......" well theres nothing wrong with that!   Whats all the fuss about!"

This only confirms what you find in your daily life.......your average man in the street has no objection to Coursing whatso ever......infact all local villages strongly support their local clubs as it brings life and money into the local comunities.
Ted Kenny and Michael Gleeson over seeing the stand
along with Brigid Frank and friends

A constant stream of visitors watched the show

A big thankyou must go to Richie Maher (Adios Alonso) for setting up this Stall for us
He did a wonderful job
There was time for a spot of shopping

but I bypassed these

 for a pair of these

Some photogrphers were interested in the fillies

But I made a beeline to the more interesting geldings running in the Gold Cup

Kicking King on Parade before the Big Race
The Lovely War of Attrition
Ran his last race before retirement and did connections credit with second place

Below are pictures of the winner Planet Of Sounds
Ridden by Richard Johnson

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